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Thursday, 9 August 2012

"50 Years Of Mindless Garbage - And Just To Fund Lies & Cover Up's"

50 years of adverts



Tonight we bring you the most memorable adverts from the last 50 years.


  1. Replies
    1. I knew you couldn't resist :)

      Nice one mate.

  2. Ian.


  3. Ian.

    Nice to have you back on line.

  4. Thanks anon

    Been up to Manchester to see family & friends, NO ARREST this time, but did get a call yesterday from some butt-wipe at the Viscount's Department whining that I hadn't paid my first £5 installment of a £30 parking fine :)

    I met some smart people in Manchester, and from a rather large and exclusive group :)

    Will be posting on the Common Law again very shortly.

    The Squirrel is in prison at the minute, up in court at 10am tomorrow whilst unlawfully jailed for being poor.

    THIS was interesting, especially article four....

    When will these imbeciles learn hey?

  5. good to see you back ian hope you are keeping well when you see the squirrel give him my best regards. keep up the good work. martin

  6. Nice one Martin, will do. We will destroy them, or, they will kill us, but that's just the nature of the beast we fight against, and amongst :)

    History has recorded that truth always triumphs, and that no government ever has stood the test of time, not even religion!!!

    The people will have their day, whether we witness it or not :)

  7. Legend says;

    "The heroes of today are the souls reborn of earlier knights, already shaped for what they did by what they had done before. How often must it be done again, over and over again? As often as is necessary.

    Governments do govern. Yet, when Sage and fool, king and peasant find accord, and earth and heaven mingle, there will come times when good and peace prevail.

    Before you seek change (the sages said) be very sure you have savoured all the joys of the present, for sometimes, there is nothing to do but wait for the vain.

    Only men who face the time without illusion or fear, will endure any fate to its end."