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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

"Will Jersey Corruption Ever End?"

Watchdog: "Probably right to resign"

Ozo the Bozo
Jersey's Government watchdog has this afternoon released another statement standing by his decision to resign.

Auditor General Chris Swinson stood down amid criticism of the way he compiled a damning report into the Island's failed bid to buy a new police headquarters.

He continues to back the integrity of the office he held, while one former politician says in-fighting at the highest level of Jersey politics forced him out.

Our Political Correspondent, Leah Ferguson reports on what it all means.


  1. This sorry saga preety much sums up the corrupt state of Govt and politics in wonder the rest of the world views us as sleazy and dirty....the ordinary man neds to rail against this perverse setup and come out and vote in huge numbers an unprecedented massive turnout to support ordinary down to earth sould who want to do right.....working people with kids to feed and educate.....are what we need, not his 'Awful rich boys club' that use and abuse the common man..It has to stop or there will be blood on the streets.