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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

"Where Is Astrid Kisch Now?"

Outraged to be called "Nazi sympathisers"

A joke on the TV show Mock The Week calling the people of Jersey "Nazi sympathisers" has caused outrage.

The comedian Gary Delaney, making his debut on the programme, said: "I feel sorry for Jersey. They're trying to shake off their tax avoidance tag and get back to their traditional reputation as Nazi sympathisers."

It got laughs on the programme, but it is a comment the Channel Islands Occupation Society says is anything but funny.

Matthew Costard from the Society said: "It just goes too far. I mean you think of the people in the island who suffered hardship, who died during Occupation years. Those who commited acts of sacrifice and bravery at great risk to themselves. And also the Jersey people who are fighting in the Armed Forces. There are probably more Jerseymen fighting in the British Army per head of population than any other part of the British Isles."

The joke also caused upset on Twitter as soon as the programme aired. GuernseyLiz14 said: "My aunt who went to prison for keeping a chicken to feed her terminally ill mother must be spinning in her grave."

Today, the BBC issued a short statement:

"Mock the Week is a comedy programme known for its irreverent humour, and this comment was clearly tongue-in-cheek."

Tongue in cheek, perhaps, but a joke too far for a number of people in the Channel Islands.


  1. So, will Jersey folks be getting behind Trevor and Shona Pitman now?

    Naah, didn't think so!!!

  2. Sense of humour failure, methinks. I laughed, it was obviously a far-fetched joke.

  3. Where is Astrd Kisch now?
    Well who fucking cares, couple of fucking "oddballs" if there ever were any, Hope they have fucked of back to the "fatherland"