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Friday, 27 July 2012

"What Next For Fraud Judge? - Community Service Probably!"

What next for fraud judge?

What next for fraud judge?
Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas leaving the court yesterday
MAGISTRATE-designate Ian Christmas’s future as a judge remained in doubt today following yesterday’s conviction for fraud.

Hours after yesterday’s guilty verdict was returned, the authorities in Jersey revealed they do not have the power to remove him from office.

Instead, the Bailiff’s Chambers yesterday contacted the UK’s Ministry of Justice department, which is due to begin a disciplinary process.

Christmas was found guilty of one count of fraudulent inducement to invest, John Lewis and Russell Foot were convicted of 13 counts and James Cameron convicted of 16.


  1. OPEN BET:/...that he is let out the side door and keeps all the lovely money the Taxpayer has provided him with.....all together Jersey...bend over and assume the position....take it in the Butt or revolt...these are the choices.

  2. If this man is above the law of the land, then the law is not protecting the people and must, surely, be changed.