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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"Time To Move On - Lessons Have Been Learned" WTF???

‘Time to move on’ as Ozouf censure motion is dropped

 Smug Weasel Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf
TREASURY Minister Philip Ozouf urged States Members yesterday to ‘draw a line’ under the Lime Grove scandal after critics dropped a censure vote against him and withdrew allegations of bullying and smear tactics.

He said that after suffering weeks of having his reputation unfairly maligned, it was time for everyone to move on from the fall-out of the failed deal to locate a new police station in an empty building on Green Street roundabout.

A week after the author of an independent report into the collapse of the Lime Grove deal resigned when a key witness denied saying that Senator Ozouf had commissioned a report to smear a former civil servant, the Senator’s statement to the States yesterday was an attempt to end the speculation, rumours and in-fighting.

Senator Ozouf said that throughout the two separate investigations into the collapse of the deal, and despite hundreds of hours of work, not a shred of concrete evidence had been found that he had done anything wrong.


  1. Lessons have been learned alright. Problem is what has been learned by the general public is who is allowed a right of reply via Phil Baillache/JEP as opposed to who isn't!

    Oh how the tides turn when the shoe is on the other foot.

  2. This smug little megalomaniac has slipped the net again aided and abetted of course...but elections are coming...he must not be allowed to survive them...every working family needs to learn the "REAL LESSON " and that is the toffs always vote and make everyone they know or are related to vote...result that even with a 30% turnout they retain play them at their own game ask every person you know to get registered,WE THE PEOPLE actually can take power back and return our beloved home to a proper fully functioning DEMOCRACY not this fake facsimile of one that we now have that is shafting every hard working person....also get everyone to watch 'BANK OF DAVE' on BBC TONIGHT AT 9-00 P.M. SEE JUST HOW GREEDY AND CORRUPT the bankers and their corporate whores really are...AND HOW EASY TO CHANGE IT....attempts have been made to stop this film as they are shitting themselves over it's TRUTH.

  3. Also please get this citizens newspaper on to Facebook...the people need a say and the internet is the greatest hope ordinary people have had to break the shackles of usuary that have held us bound.