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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

"This Crap Is News???"

And as part of the celebrations the force are bringing back an old favourite!

What?   Honesty? 

This year Jersey Police are celebrating their 60th anniversary.

And as part of the celebrations the force are bringing back an old favourite.

White helmets were once a common sight years ago but this summer they are back.

Cover-up TV

Why don't Cover-up TV do an expos'e on Police & Judicial corruption? Something useful in the fight against crime that many victims can relate to.

I have dozens of cases that the Rankine's could investigate seeing that
(gameshow mike) Mike Bowron is clearly not interested.

grave & criminal assault,
fabricating evidence,
doctoring evidence,
sexual assault,
child abuse,
police corruption,
perverting the course of justice,
misconduct in public office,
land re-zoning corruption,
death (manslaughter) by sports car,
data theft,
missing parish funds,

The list is fucking endless



  1. You missed out land re zoning corruption on your list.

    1. Thanks, how dare I forget Mike's first commission!

  2. What about manslaughter in a fast car on St. Clements?

  3. You forgot Sean Power Data thief.

  4. You forgot ex Constable Graham Butcher and the missing £2.5K from the parish funds.

  5. O.K. This needs saying folks,we have an utterly corrupts establishment....a civil service that is a law unto itself where' mates ' sign off on each others pay rises and mistake here 's the thing, The rich are lording it over the poor ,politicians pop up at election time and promise good things then once in,[except for a few) hop straight into bed with developers and join the spoiled brat yuppie party...drunk legless with power they inflict all the above on what looks like a helpless public,,,,Now this is the issue,,the rich bring up their spawn to ALWAYS vote...thus keeping their class in power and money.....a measly 30% or so turn out...the working man then makes the mistake of becoming disheartened and morose feeling "What's the use" whammo...!!! exactly what the snotty bastards wanted...Nil Resistance....Joe Public has one chance and one chance only barring physical revolution and that is to turn out in vast numbers and vote....even though it's a drag...make sure you are registered to vote,get your friends ,workmates,relatives politically conscious,encourage them to get registered and vote out these fuckers by simply voting in ordinary people who have to work for a living and are in touch with a social conscience....the alternative is to watch your Money,your liberty,and your dignity and even your mental wellbeing being stolen from right under your nose....the deterioration in the life quality of the common man,'who by the way is my Hero 'is being dragged in the gutter while these ponces swan around in £100 K Mercedes cars disappearing up long driveways to big houses with tennis courts and pools and kids in private schools who will never ever even taste an Iceland dinner..and it is getting worse and much much faster than ever,,,,if we are to have a chance at any type of life we must fight back and get some ' NORMAL ' people in power then we can root out the phoney 'reform' hijack and have some say in our own lives...go see and read then see we are being made subservient ass lickers to a sick group of elitist Nazi's...who would he happy to see us all eating out of the dustbins...our only way of change is educating everyone to vote,each little Granny,brother sister dad ,Mum we are all suffering and we BELIEVE IT OR NOT have the POWER to change it right round.....Let us use the very tactics against them that they have used to enslave us..VOTeING...Proud Jerseyman...though ashamed of those who sold us out.