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Friday, 13 July 2012

"States of Jersey Get Some Of Their Own Medicine & Don't Like It!!!"

Secret Jersey States debate extracts leaked to blog site


Graham Power led the inquiry into alleged abuse at Haut de la Garenne

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Jersey's government standards committee may be asked to investigate who leaked a confidential debate to a blog site.
It revealed what a former Home Affairs Minister said in 2008 on the suspension of police chief Graham Power.
Although no formal complaint has been received by the Privileges and Procedures Committee, it had received an enquiry about how to complain.

Deputy Mike Higgins had copied extracts from the official States record which only elected States members can read.
He had typed out the whole transcript and distributed it to States members in a debate about getting that section made public.
He lost the debate and the States Greffe [the independent government administrative support service] asked for the transcripts to be returned but not all were and it was thought one of those was leaked to a blog site run by Rico Sorda.
Deputy Higgins had hoped to use the statement and answers given by the former Home Affairs Minister, Andrew Lewis, to demonstrate what he believed was an example of the States being mislead.
Mr Lewis has told the BBC what he said during a secret session in the States and to a subsequent inquiry into the suspension of Graham Power were the same.

Mr Power was suspended in 2008 over claims he mishandled the historic abuse inquiry into the former Haut de la Garenne children's home.
An investigated was carried out by Wiltshire Police.
Mr Power, who always denied any wrongdoing, later retired.
States action against Mr Power was dropped because time had run out before his retirement to bring any action.
None of the reasons for Mr Power's suspension has ever been published or broadcast.


  1. "None of the reasons for Mr Power's suspension has ever been published or broadcast"

    Eh, have I missed something here I thought that Le Marquand published his reasons via the JEP. I am a bit confused, either the above is wrong or I am confusing Power with Harper, or simply someone where you got this from is BULLSHITTING

  2. Anon, you obviously have not been following things closely.

    1. Not sure Jon. Ian le Marquand published his excuses via the jep and here we them saying none of the reasons have been brooadcast. That sounds like bs to me.

  3. The administration in this Island are at least as bad as the "Nazi`s they have the same mindset.
    Too many people blame the "Masons and the Methodists"

  4. Despite being dressed up in the most complementry way possible (well almost), the following comment was not publihed at

    NOT PUBLISHED July 14, 2012 at 9:23 am

    I would like to congratulate the JEP for a rare occasion on which it published BEFORE the bloggers and with hindsight GOT IT SO RIGHT ! Re. predicting Ogley payoff etc.

    Comments #22 & #23 on

    #22 "Rent Boy" October 11, 2010 at 9:58 am:

    If you have some control over the information that goes INTO an enquiry then you have some control over what comes OUT of it !
    But truths begin to seep out at last – Well done Mr.Napier – you have scratched the surface !
    Now: Is Andrew Lewis a leader of men or a bit of a “brown noser” ?
    Is it likely that Andrew Lewis had the confidence and the authority (intellect?) to do this on his own ?
    Did he talk to any of his colleagues in the Council of Ministers or to the chief Minister ? – Apparently not !
    AL; You and me have both been “shafted internationally”.
    Tell us how it feels.
    Better still, Tell us what REALLY happened.


    #23 "Rent Boy" October 11, 2010 at 11:21 am:

    We have the fall guy:
    We have the reserve fall guys:
    WARCUP (now he’s cheap{ish})
    OGLEY (not cheap)
    Now Ogley will get a real good golden handshake – dig deep everyone – YOUR PAYING (again).

    1. "Ogley will get a real good golden handshake"

      The JEP site predicted the ogley pay off 6+ months in advance of it being announced - is this their first and last "scoop" ?
      (not counting their main function as poopa scoopas' for the Establishment/COM)

      Nearly choked on my keyboard when they published. One of the moderators must have grown a backbone (respect!) and forgotten that they are paid to censor the truth.

      Needless to say the "scoop" was made by a commentor not by one of their excuses for a journalist

      I'd love to know who "ade" posting on that thread is and if he is a suspect.

      R. Boy x

  5. The Establishment trolls are now being given free rein at

    From my experience it is clear that Non-Establishment views are being ***CENSORED***.

    I submitted this on July 14 and have just re-submitted it in the hope that they might publish it.

    TITLE: Mushroom Farmers

    @ "TrickyB" #9
    Don't forget the local BBC who are no better

    BBC Jersey is effectively a local franchise operation who tap into BBC UK's considerable reputation.

    BBC UK should not take kindly to its reputation being soiled by the local franchise's poor performance, or even culpability in this.

    Real democracy relies on keeping the lights on and letting the fresh air in.

    1. Indeed anon, so stop buying a TV License!!! You are not obliged to get one anyways :)

    2. I don't.

      They have failed in their duty to us re. BIAS so why should we ?

  6. I had 2 comments refused on friday, one on Ozouphs letter and one responding to a commentor who cant wait to leave Jersey, not for any reasons you might read on here or other blogs mind you, it was down to weather which seemed a good enough reason to slag the place off!

    I have had quite a few comments refused and I never swear in them, although I have notice they publish quite a few with not so bad swear words, i.e not the F word or the C word but many others are published which in my opinion is bad on a newspaper website.

    Whats worse is in my experience the ones where you make a decent point against certain establishmentarians the more likely it is you comment wont be published. Yet, if you make some dumbarsed comment against them with no back up argument it gets through! I wonder why that is? Thats a rhetorical question!!

  7. Anon, I will need some proof of the allegations you have made regarding the MSM players otherwise I am not willing to publish the names.

    Thank You