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Thursday, 5 July 2012

"Sometimes Silence Is The Best Answer"

Judge accused of fraud declines to give evidence in trial

Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas (centre) on his way to court
Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas (centre) on his way to court
A JUDGE accused of involvement in a £1.3 million fraud declined to give evidence in his defence yesterday.

In a last-minute change of tack, Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas’s legal representative, Advocate Robert MacRae, told the Royal Court that his client would not be giving evidence.

Until yesterday morning Mr Christmas was expected to enter the witness box and face questions about his time as a director of the allegedly fraudulent US property business De Lec Ltd.

Mr Christmas denies three counts of misleading Islanders over property investments in the US.
His co-accused – John Lewis, James Cameron and Russell Foot – also deny conspiring to induce or fraudulently inducing investments.

Before moving on to Mr Foot’s evidence, Advocate MacRae read to the court several statements in support of Mr Christmas.


  1. BET HE WALKS....

  2. I don't believe he is guilty, he's just not a very good investment adviser.

  3. He should be jailed for a very long time, what he done was premeditated, I hope he becomes somebodys "bitch" for years!!