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Monday, 9 July 2012

"Self Protecting Halfwits Put Nappy On Ozouf"

Censure motion is dropped

Censure motion is dropped

THE censure motion against Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has been dropped in the wake of the resignation of the author of a key report and doubts about crucial evidence.

After weeks of threats and the behind-the-scenes intrigue, the four politicians threatening the disciplinary move have backed off ‘with great reluctance’, but have called for a fresh review by the Chief Minister and the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

But the abandonment of the censure proposal, and the resignation of Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson a week ago, cast doubts over the strength of the case against Senator Ozouf, who was accused of trying to push a top civil servant out of his job when a deal for a new police station collapsed.

Senator Ozouf tweeted last night that he wanted the censure debate to go ahead in the States tomorrow and that he would welcome the chance to clear his name, adding that he would make a full statement soon.


  1. Now the "Rear Admiral" will have a license to do as he likes, as usual.!!!!

  2. Sorry to be base...but....what a wanker.