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Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Sam Mezec Spearheads New Campaign Group To Rid Jersey Of Tyranny"

Calls for political reform

A new campaign group, Reform Jersey is calling for 'meaningful' political reform, collecting support by handing out leaflets.

The group is led by local law student Sam Mezec, to improve the overall quality of political representation in Jersey.

By lobbying the island's Electoral Commission, they aim to improve the make-up of the States.

Mr Mezec wants islanders to support his view that a reformed government should be simpler, with bigger constituencies and just one type of States member.

Sam M├ęzec said: “The consensus in Jersey at the moment is that no reform is not an option.”

He is holding a public meeting at the Town Hall on Monday the 30th of July at 7pm to discuss the subject. Speakers will include Deputy Roy Le Herissier, and former Deputy Daniel Wimberley.

Some News Cover-up TV  Failed to Mention!!!

Sam's Facebook Group

Sam's Blog Spot



  1. A young man with drive and ambition who is proud of his island, not many of those left :(

    Jersey is a beautiful place with good people and a chance to be heaven on earth. So what stops it being so?

    About a 100 greedy, servile, self centred, egotistical parasites who value nothing other than money and power.

    Maybe a young Jerseyman with a clean fresh and honourable outlook can change things? If he gets too successful, he may just find his returning holiday luggage full of smack!!!


  2. Sam doesn't have an appalling criminal record like you Ian so stop worrying about him.

  3. I don't have an appalling criminal record!

    What I have, is a magnificent history of being stitched up by some of the most disgusting low life scum Jersey could muster.

    Typical examples of such scum are our very own Bayleaf, Michael 'King' Birt. Accessories are Deputy Bayleaf, Barking Bill Bailhache & his Bro, Phic Phil.

    Further exalted trash include the fruitcake, Ian Le Marquand, and the just plain Dim Tim. These bozo's were covering up for Mike Bowron, and 'Weirdcop' Warcup. Another prize tosser who was party to the corruption is Bob (my son only got caught with a personal amount of drugs) Le Breton!!!

    Then there are the nine coppers who I have caught out for perjury, and of course, not forgetting that fat piece of shit D.C David Harrison who rewrote the last page of David Snowdon's statement ensuring that I spent all that time in jail.

    Then we have shit like Advocate Richard Renouf who deliberately went out of his way to get me convicted, lying to me in the process. And mega shit like Advocate Angela Roscouet who blackmailed me into silence by twice threatening to leave me with no legal representation at my appeal if I mentioned the corruption I had uncovered!!!

    Then Advocates David Le Cornu & David Le Quesne who started out as concerned parties to the injustice , but who later sided with the Oligarchy after getting warned off their pursuance of justice in my case. They all start out with the best intentions, but inevitably shyte their pants at the first sign of pressure. Makes you wonder why they ever start out in the first place don't it?

    I could go on and on with the doctoring of my trial tapes, board of visitors members, career threats, etc etc....and on and on and on....Want more Jon? or are you happy to acknowledge that you have made a twat out of yourself again!!!

    Later Halfwit

  4. Hope you can prove all these accusations you wanker Jersey will eat you alive.

  5. I have suffered this shyte for half my life now, and I only came over here to better myself and get away from life in Manchester.

    Your government has harassed and pissed me off since I arrived. Hadn't even got off the ferry before your inbred mindless Jersey dicks sprung into action, nothing has changed since.

    Because I was big, fit, fuck ugly, and not afraid, you wankers shyte yourselves. You disgusting scum couldn't even accept me as a new visitor to the island, let alone one that was intent on staying, no matter what the intimidation or bullying.

    Am I still here? Am I still unafraid? Am I still un-intimidated ? Am I still in defiance of your horse shit 'Laws'?

    Will I ever, for any price, bow down to you pigs, or your disgusting ways?

    "Pay for nothing, go to court, fuck em"

  6. Young Sam will soon realise that Jersey People are too busy, or worn down, to care, and he'll give up. And sadly that will be another victory for the Jersey Way.

  7. You ugly, not sure if you are fat but sod it fat Manchunian bastard. Well, if thats what it takes for people to listen up then be as fat and ugly and as Man....not sure I can continue with the last part as a half Liverpudlian and hater of all things Manchester!!! Just kidding. Now seriously, I was surprised how young this Sam lad is having read some of his blogs and his submission to the electoral commission. He really is a clever and definately intelligent person.

    Now, dare I say this I think he should smarten up his image a bit, I dont mean to say it in a mean way but conservative Jersey won't go for a youngster with long hair. You might think I am taking the piss but image is everything, especially when trying to appeal to the unltra conservative Jersey brigade. I don't doubt that this would matter to his peers as they will one day be the people running this island, but I honestly have to say to appeal to the current fogies it might be a good idea.

    It really does piss me off to say the above but I honestly think voters over here put more votes on appearance than they do on mandates. All in all I think this guy Sam is a bloody great person and I wish him all the best in his attempt to get proper reform.

  8. He is hailed as a rising star, I hope so, it only takes one!!!!!!

  9. Wonder if he will be prepared to tolerate the 20+ years of crap that myself and Stuart have gone through?

    Or worse still, a lifetime of crap that the Abuse Victims have gone through?