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Monday, 9 July 2012

"PMSL :) Pigs At The Trough"

£800,000 in pay-offs for Postal executives

The Jersey Post sorting office at Rue des Prés
The Jersey Post sorting office at Rue des Prés
THREE former Jersey Post executives walked away with over £800,000 between them last year in combined earnings and pay-off deals after being axed by the States-owned business.

Chief executive Ian Carr, finance director Ian Ridgway and human resources director Julie Crabtree were given over half a million pounds to end their contracts.

Jersey Post chairman Mike Liston defended the ‘compromise agreements’ and said the three were among 40% of staff members who had either lost their jobs or suffered pay cuts due to the loss of bulk mail business as a result of the end of LVCR.

Mr Liston said £2 million a year had been removed from the ‘white-collar’ pay bill in the past three years.


  1. which are the Important hr magazines available in India ? How i can subscribe them ?

  2. The Public in this Island are having the piss taken out of them almost day after day!!!!!!!!!