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Friday, 13 July 2012

"Ozouf Craps On The People Again"

3% GST? No guarantee that it would help, argues Minister

3% GST? No guarantee that it would help, argues minister Minister.
Even if GST was reduced from 5%, says Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, retailers would not necessarily lower their prices and shoppers would continue to buy from sources other than in the Island
REDUCING GST to ease the recessionary pressure would not target those most in need of help and might not bring down shop prices, the Treasury Minister has warned.

Senator Philip Ozouf says that Chamber of Commerce president David Warr’s call to drop the GST rate back down to 3% is misguided and unwise.

In a letter to the JEP published today, Senator Ozouf writes that forthcoming spending plans would show significant investment in the economy, including £56m worth of capital projects next year.

• Letter in full: Click here

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