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Thursday, 12 July 2012

"The One That Got Away" PMSL

Winning bass allegedly stolen from aquarium

Aquarium director David Miller next to a tank containing bass Picture: TOM TARDIF

A GUERNSEY angler was due to appear in court today after winning a bass fishing competition with a fish he had allegedly stolen from an aquarium.

When the fisherman proudly presented a 13 lb 13 oz monster at the weigh-in, he thought he had easily netted the £800 top prize.

But keen-eyed rival fisherman Shane Bentley quickly recognised the fish as a resident of the Guernsey Aquarium.

And when he called round to check, the aquarium bosses found that one of their tanks was indeed short of a bass.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha!

    A tank short of a bass - like our Council of Ministers - short of a brain!

  2. There is a sole suspect in this case. He is guilty hook line and sinker. Apparently he was seen near that plaice when the theft occurred. When confronted with the evidence he was quoted as saying "Oh pollocks". Known to be a bit of a shark, he initially denied the offence like Pinocchio, having a longnose.
    Fellow Anglers smelt a rat at the weigh in.
    Veteran Guernsey Angler Ray Le Wrasse said that eel be going down for a long time.

    Miss Fish (Guernsey)