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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

"Malfeasance & Perjury - Standard Procedure In Jersey Courts" PART 2

"Bill Makes It Up,
Just Like His Brother Phil"

Jerseys ruling crooks confirm their criminality in black & white.

Below is the judgement on the representations that Cyril put to the Court Jesters!

Read part 1 at the link directly below

1. Refused the appellant's application to call further evidence.
This refusal ensures that Cyril is not able to question the two police officers (O'Neill & O'Brien) who committed perjury against him. Such action can only be construed as obstructing justice.

2. Refused the appellant's application for an adjournment so that the Home Secretary and Justice Secretary may intervene and adjudicate on his complaint that the transcripts were not an accurate representation of the oral evidence given at trial.
Cyril asked that the trial recordings be forensically examined by an independent outside agency as there were four witnesses willing to testify that the recording and transcripts were inaccurate. The involvement of the Justice Secretary would have ensured some small degree of impartiality, and hopefully, some honest forensic results.

3. Granted the appellants application for an adjournment so that he can prepare his case.
Bailhache grudgingly granted the adjournment to maintain the illusion of fairness, thus clinging to a scintilla of plausible deniability. After all, the prosecution had six weeks to prepare giving Cyril just one week to prepare.


Cyril has considered none attendance for the adjourned appeal on the 26th of July, however, he still has a multitude of pertinent questions and a very strong case for Bailhache and his Ju-rats to dismiss.
Cyril is prepared to go through the process knowing that God himself could not possibly win this appeal against such corruption, yet is doing so simply to bring the criminality to light.

"The Jersey Way" 



  1. Have the Law schmucks offered to brush the fine under the carpet or do they too want to see this through to their final conclusion?

    I understand if they did make an offer to forget this matter and fine then they are making an admission that if one person can not pay then so can anyone else provided they use the law correctly. But, have they made such an offer?

    Its an interesting read regardless of it being a simple parking ticket.

    Whatever happened with regards to the guy who was bitten (Nathan I think), I remeber their was going to be a follow up a while back but haven't seen anything since. If there was an outcome can you point to a link to it on your blog page? Ta.

    1. This is not "a simple parking ticket" this is a multi million pound extortion scam, and one they are desperate to hold on to.

  2. No brushing of fines here anon, they are trying to humiliate Cyril, then hopefully fine him a wedge, or even better, imprison him. the Squirrel of course, is not having any of it and will be taking this forward himself to London, where the corruption shall be addressed.

    As for Nathanial's case, we are still waiting on responses that don't look like they will be forthcoming! Mind you, those responses include grave & criminal police assault on Nathanial, so we are not holding our breath....

  3. When I said a simple parking ticket, I didn't mean it the way you took it. However, your response has kind of said everything I would have responded with if you hadn't already said it!! Maybe simple was the wrong word and Minor Infraction would have been better.

    Anyway, it looks to me as though no stone will be left unturned in order to get Cyril put into place, or should I say no carpet will be left unlifted!

    Thanks for the update on Nathanial, I don't know him but was following the case via your site. Like you, I won't hold my breath; on this or many other cases highlighted via your website where our upholders of the law are concerned.

  4. Ian your email address keeps bouncing, you know where I work.

    POP in for a COFFEE sometime, ALWAYS welcome!


  5. Yeah, got hacked and had to change it, still my number is in the book.

  6. Hi anon @8:55

    any chance of an agreement went west by going public ;)


  7. Cyril asked that the trial recordings be forensically examined by an independent outside agency

    This happened in the "Quinn" case a few years ago,once Quinn got independent examination of his notebook the Crown case fell apart.
    AG at the time Pip Bailanche!!!!

    1. That is the trick I'm afraid, getting someone INDEPENDENT!!! These clowns just bring their own crooks in to lie and cheat their victims.

  8. You two are pair of chumps.
    You could try not breaking the law in the first place.... Doh.

    1. You are the chump, you have no idea what is going on right under your nose. No one is breaking the law by parking on public land! Wakey wakey, do so research....

  9. William Bailhache was not prepared to prove his own statement before the court.

    If two policemen, even if they were lying would have no bearing on Cyrils case as alleged by Mr. Bailhache then it's unfair unjust that Cyril be given fair hearing to show otherwise.

  10. Go Guys...go for it and reveal this scam for what it is......

  11. The notebook entry of PC O'Neill proves perjury,I know this for sure because I've read it.

    but we can't have that exposed in court eh!


  12. Cyril you may consider using this line of argument?

    From Interpretation (Jersey) Law 1954
    “Island” shall mean the Island of Jersey and its dependencies;
    “Jersey” shall mean the Island of Jersey and its dependencies;

    Why is it [B]I[/b]sland and not [b]i[/b]sland? How can an island have dependencies it is just a lump of rock?

    I suspect Island of Jersey refers to a group of people are we members of that group?