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Friday, 6 July 2012

"The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum"

Lime Grove report is flawed and unfair, claims

leading Jersey Nut-Job



Assistant Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache

ASSISTANT Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache has waded into the debate about the controversial Lime Grove report, calling it ‘seriously flawed’ and ‘unfair’.
Dick Ozouf

In a statement released before Tuesday’s vote of censure debate against Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, Senator Bailhache backs his ministerial colleague, who is one of his closet political allies.

He also said that he will not be supporting the censure move, which has been brought to the States by a group of politicians led by Senator Sarah Ferguson and is due to be debated by the States next week.

They want the Treasury Minister to be reprimanded following claims in a report by Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson – who resigned last week – that Senator Ozouf bullied and harassed colleagues and that he plotted to get rid of a senior civil servant by damaging his reputation during the negotiations to buy Lime Grove for a new police station.
Hugh McGarel-Groves

However, Senator Bailhache said the news that key witness former interim Treasurer Hugh McGarel-Groves had disputed his evidence showed that the report was flawed.


  1. “It never ceases to surprise me at the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the introduction of useful knowledge.”

    Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury

  2. The Bailache brothers are completely evil, how much longer will the people of Jersey put up with this "s""t".
    What Chance has the likes of Deputy Tracy Vallois got against the feudalism politics preached by the likes of these two absolute "bastards",
    It is time that people realised that with 20% of the States members unelected, this fucking shithole could never be called a democracy.

    part 1 of 2

    Just read this by "boatyboy" at:,212.msg55349.html#msg55349

    Thought it a good idea to reflect on the letter sent by Mr Mike Pollard who was chief Executive in charge of Health and Social and Children's ( protection included ) services when the Minister for health Stuart Syvret, when asked a question in the Government Assembly, about his concerns regarding the agencies responsible for child care. Stuart Syvret responded saying ( or words similar ) that he was unhappy and had no confidence in the child protection agencies. He was effectively removed from office.

    The letter below is the actual letter written to staff by Mr Mike Pollard, please read the articles below to show how well Jersey's Government has dealt with child protection. Mr Pollard resigned with a golden handshake after a poor report written by Verita about management failings at the General Hospital which is available on the Jer. Gov. website.

    I reproduce extracts of a letter from Mike Pollard that was sent to all staff on 14/9/2007. Remember the Serious case review covered this period. Let us apply hindsight


    part2 of 2

    Our ref: JMP/LAW

    Dear Colleague

    Child Protection Services and our Children's Services More Generally

    On Wednesday last, I wrote to you following the dismissal of Senator Stuart Syvret as the Minister for Health and Social Services, which became effective the previous day.

    The Jersey Evening Post reported the dismissal and included in that report the following statement:

    'Members backed Chief Minister Frank Walker's move by a 35 to 15 margin, effectively deciding that his attacks on his own staff, other civil servants and politicians over the recent rows have been unjustified'.

    In addition to the investigations (referred to above) which Senator Syvret asked me to investigate, you will appreciate that the Chief Minister and the Chief Executive of the States of Jersey have also asked me to investigate some allegations which were brought to their attention. What I expected to find in undertaking all of this work was that the vast majority of such allegations were groundless and could be easily rebutted. To be perfectly honest though I did expect - because this is the way the world usually turns - to find that one or two instances had not been handled as they could have been. What I actually found, without exception, was that every instance and every matter I looked into had been dealt with to the highest possible standard.

    Never before in my 30 years of practice have I found a service that has got it so right, so well and so often to such a high standard

    I trust therefore that this letter has put beyond any scintilla of a doubt that the Child Protection and Children's Services operate to a very high standard and have an unblemished record.

    I will not take kindly to anyone who seeks to make mischief with these hard working staff on these matters...."

    Chief Executive Health and Social services Mike Pollard.


    Lessons have been learnt. March 2010.

    A MAJOR review has been launched following the suicide of a young mother who was being monitored by several States agencies in the lead-up to her death.

    How bad does it have to get ?



    "I will not take kindly to anyone who seeks to make mischief with these hard working staff on these matters...."
    what is that HR speak for ?

    Polard and Ogley were paid £600,000 odd (in our name!) for the "highest possible standard" of cover up - but they are so incompetent that they couldn't even do that right.

    Jersey has its proportion of Paedophiles and abusers, just like anywhere else
    The cover ups will ensure that it happens again and again. Remind me, which Bailiff did all this happen under ?
    And which newspaper etc failed to report ?

    The aforementioned bags of shit are coming apart at the seams while the fools desperately try to shovel more in by watering down (or cancelling!) the public enquiry into 50+ years of sanctioned child abuse.

  5. No government in the history of the world has ever gotten it so right!

  6. A a power driven neurotic homosexual in an 'I love me jacket ' how perfectly appropriate.....