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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"King Birt Gets A Complaint About Barking Bill From Cyril The Squirrel"

"When Enough Is Truly Enough!"

As readers are aware, Cyril has been fighting the corrupt conviction of a parking ticket, a case wherein he annihilated the prosecution case and tore the bent judge apart using their own 'Laws' against them.

The two policy-men giving evidence against Cyril, committed perjury, and I believe that the 'alleged' magistrate, Bridget Shaw, had conspired to pervert the course of justice in this case.

Basically....just another normal day in the Jersey Court System!

So fed up of the endemic corruption are we, that we are now copying everything to the Home Secretary, Teresa May, and the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke.

We have also copied in General Sir John McColl, the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, who is The Queen's official envoy, as none of the Jersey Authorities can be trusted. 

Below are the four previous links telling this story of Treason & Corruption in Jersey, these are followed by the letter of complaint against William Bailhache, from Cyril to King Birt.

The Complaint

Please left click on the pic's to read them 

First comment will be a troll



  1. You really are a pair of dickheads.

  2. Incredible!!!

    ALWAYS the Troll first to comment when it comes to the serious stuff. You really are a pathetic imbecile, and we shall see what dickheads we are at the end of this saga :)

  3. Come off it Ian, do you really think these little stand offs and letters is going to get you anywhere when coppers already see you as a nutter?

  4. Who cares how a bunch of corrupt oligarchy slaves in silly little white hats & fancy dress outfits see us?

    The Jersey Police, for the most part, are little better than the paedophiles and rapists they protect!

    Don't believe me? Ask officer Andre Bonjour!!!

  5. Did Lenny Harper write about him somewhere? Bonjour.

    1. Just looking for it anon, Stuart did a posting on Lenny Harper's Affidavit.

  6. I remember the Quinn case years ago that involved "dodgy" notebooks.Quinn was accused odf falsifying his but after independent examination of it he had been set up by his own,think Phil bailanche was the AG!! .
    Then the main prosecution witness a fellow "officer" was found to be the guilty one of falsifying his notebook in cross examination in the dock that man got promoted & was not even suspended or charged then allowed to retire his name martin le brocq.
    The Island Eye newspaper at the time did a headline accusing le brocq of perjury etc,le brocq threatened to sue,paper said go ahead which he never did as he had no defense.
    So Cyril if this goes further be ready to have their notebooks independently looked at in case of dodgy entries.
    By the way the case against Quinn was thrown out by jury.