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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

"Just Fire All The Government Criminals"

‘Use rainy day fund to boost economy’

Jersey Chamber of Commerce president David Warr
Jersey Chamber of Commerce president David Warr
JERSEY’S multi-million pound emergency reserves should be raided to put GST back to three per cent, business leaders said today.

The call for a reduction in the level of sales tax has been made by Jersey Chamber of Commerce president David Warr in the wake of more discouraging economic statistics released today.

Mr Warr wants urgent action to address the Island’s struggling economy and battle rising unemployment levels.

He said that a reduction in goods and services tax back to three per cent from the current level of five per cent would make a huge difference to firms struggling to survive and give the Island’s economy a £30m boost.


  1. To right, all islanders know we already pay VAT prices on most goods and then GST is added, it just makes you feel ripped off its cheaper to buy most things on ebay now.

  2. Most of it is the greedy shop owners sometimes charging 200 - 300% mark up, they need putting out of business

  3. The greedy bastards in this "cesspit" of extreme greed have been getting away with it for years, ripping us off for years, and how did that "gobshite" David Warr get his nose in up at the Airport.
    I am fucking glad more and more people are shopping via the Internet, I have saved a fortune using it.
    It is called making the best deal for yourself, the retailers in this Island hnow allabout that.