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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"A Journey Into Cloud Cuckoo Land"

Celebrating St Helier week

It is a week celebrating the life of Jersey's very own saint who gave his name to the islands capital town.

1500 years ago a monk named Helier who is said to have brought Christianity to Jersey moved to the island in search of solitude.

He spent 15 years on Hermitage Rock in religious contemplation until he met an untimely demise.

Legend has it a visiting hoard of pirates arrived in Jersey and St Helier preached to them in an effort to turn them into Christians.

The pirate chief fearing that he might succeed, cut off his head with an axe.

Miraculously Helier then picked up his severed head and walked ashore, or so legend has it.

Historian Geraint Jennings:

"St Helier week is a fun packed program coinciding with religious events, secular, commercial and traditional."

There are several events planned for the week from Morris dancing to historical talks.

It all culminates next Sunday when a symbolic pilgrimage to Helier's Hermitage will take place.

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