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Monday, 2 July 2012

"The Jersey Law Society - A Bloody Laughing Stock"

"The Most Loyal Private Club In The World!"

Lawyers & Law are going to be featuring heavily on this blog in the very near future, so we need to get the ignorant clued up first hand. Lawyers live in a different world (legal land) to the rest of humanity; they have their very own Private Society called the Law Society/Bar Association where only they can 'understand' their language!
Scriveners write the Society’s rules, called Laws, governments then enact those rules (under franchise) as legislation/statutes. Equally fitting though, all their rules and laws only apply to them, the members of the Law Society/Bar Association and agents of government, not us Joe Public. That is why legal advice can only be given by members of the Law Society/Bar Association and you will be sued if you breach their copyright.
Lawful Advice on the other hand, belongs to nobody; it is the understanding of the law (common law) which is not the intellectual property of the Law Society/Bar Association, but the law of the land.
No wonder lawyers hate it!!!

Having requested assistance from a lawyer to look into obtaining legal aid to sue the Jersey police and Home Affairs, I was finally allocated my 'lucky dip' lawyer, Advocate Bale.
It quite quickly became apparent that Advocate Bale wanted nothing to do with me or my case, preferring to completely ignore me rather than engage my case.

The following is a quite bizarre tale of cowardice, ignorance and self protection.


Charles Thacker

Following the above submission, there were many months of silence before I received the letter below letting advocate bale off the hook for his shocking malpractice.

Thacker states that this matter had been investigated by a 'Case Delegate' yet he fails to make any mention of who this case delegate was!
Thacker then states that an I.T. expert has been into advocate Bales computer and ascertained that some email had been created, he does not state that it was addressed to myself, nor that any such email was sent to me.
There is no mention of the email contents other than the email date 'COULD' have been altered!
Why have they not sent me a copy of the email?
Why have they not given me the I.T. experts name and qualifications?
Why have I not been sent a copy of the I.T. experts report?
Why is Thacker giving a precise date for the email sent by Bale to the Batonniers office, but no date for the alleged email that was sent to myself by advocate Bale?

Thacker rounds off with this, based 'allegedly' on the anonymous I.T. guy's guesswork.

My Response To Thacker And
The Above Nonsense



  1. Two and a half years waiting, just to end up being sent this trite garbage. And it was sent just after my heart attack!

    "You just couldn't make this shit up!"

  2. Hi Ian,

    What a carry on, love your final response, short, clear and to the point. LOL

    By the way I still want to know were the Niall Linden case Green Island car Death has disappeared to.
    I had it marked on my calendar as due to be heard in the Royal Court end of May, beginning of June, and still nothing, another sweeping under the magic carpet?

    Hope you are well x


    1. Hello Lady

      Doing ok thank you, still very sore but alive....for now!!!

      Hope you are well xxx

  3. pig at the troughJuly 04, 2012 12:52 am

    Law is a complex set of multilingual, multi faceted made purposely complex pile of bollocks, although hard to read it is not as hard to understand when you know their code.