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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Jersey Greed Pulling Business To Pieces"

61% reduction in business confidence

The results of a survey by Jersey Chamber of Commerce has shown a 61% reduction in business confidence.

Chamber spoke to 100 businesses who answered questions on a range of issues.

Perhaps one of the more alarming responses involved the States Employment Grant Scheme, which is an initiative aimed at getting the long term unemployed back into work.

88% of respondents had not used it and 10% had not even heard of it.

In relation to another States initiative, the Economic and Diversification Strategy, the response was similarly flat.

When businesses were asked whether they thought it would be of benefit to them, 37% said no; 24% did not know and 19% had not heard enough about it.

Chamber of Commerce President, David Warr, said "Given the strategy got the thumbs up from the States Chamber it makes one wonder if many politicians bothered to ask what business actually thought."

As far as the economy is concerned, it appears whilst things are not getting worse, they are not improving either.

83% of businesses reported stagnant or reduced profits, whilst 80% of businesses are keeping staffing levels the same or reducing them.

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