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Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Is It The Patients or Admins Fault?"

Hospital to send appointment reminders by text

MISSED hospital appointments are costing the Island around £1.4 million each year according to the Health department.

Figures released by Health estimate that the cost of a single person missing a scheduled health care visit is at least £70. And with some 20,000 missed appointments last year the wasted costs could be huge.

Now, a text messaging service has been launched to combat the problem and reduce the amount of money being lost.

The service aims to get more people to their appointments by sending a text message to their phone three working days before they are due at the hospital.

How Timely

I had an appointment this last Tuesday which had been changed, and that I still attended. My next appointment, which had also been changed, was the day after! yup, Wednesday, and with the same doctor!!! 

This appointment I also attended simply to be told that there was NO appointment!!! I would be notified in due course of a new appointment, the very next morning (today) I got a letter stating my new appointment was on the 2nd of January 2013....Meanwhile, I have another two appointments which had also been re-sheduled with new dates for August and September!!!

Should I Attend???

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