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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"Is Frank Walker Dying?"

Bats on the brink of extinction

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - rare bat durrell big

Sorry, wrong Bat!!!

Durrell have joined forces with Bristol Zoo Gardens to survey bats on the brink of extinction.

Field biologists and researchers are monitoring the roost sites of Livingstone's fruit bats - the most endangered bat species.

It is feared that the rapid clearance of their forest habitat is increasing the chances of the species being lost forever.

There are thought to be less than 1,000 of these giant, red-eyed bats left in the wild on their native islands of Anjouan and Moheli - in the Comoros archipelago, off the south-east coast of Africa.

Now the teams are carrying out the most thorough count of the species ever done, in a bid to assess the current population status and identify threats to the species survival.

With help from local experts, the teams will traverse the bats entire range, scaling mountains and travelling to the most inaccessible areas of the islands, to count bats in all their known treetop roost sites.

Field ecologist, Bronwen Daniel, from Durrell, is leading the mission. She said: "The bats gather in communal roosts in large trees, choosing the most inaccessible sites on steep slopes as they dont like disturbance. This makes surveying them a real challenge."

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