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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"An Idiot Defends The Parasites"

Chief Minister defends court costs over VAT loophole

 Hundreds of jobs are at risk in the Channel Islands' mail order industry

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Jersey's Chief Minster defended spending nearly three quarters of a million pounds taking the UK to court over the ending of a tax loophole.

Senator Ian Gorst was trying to overturn the closure of the so-called VAT loophole on cheap goods sold from Jersey.

The States and internet mail order industry spent £741,000 on legal bills.
But the High Court upheld the UK's decision to end the tax relief for Jersey companies.

Senator Ian Gorst said he would do the same again faced with a similar threat to a major industry in Jersey
The loophole, known as Low Value Consignment Relief, meant no VAT was charged on goods under £15, such as CDs, when sent to the UK from outside of the European Union.
Stand for jobs
The chief minister told the States: "I still stand by that was the right decision to make and would argue strongly with any member who suggests it is not right for this government to stand up on behalf of employees and jobs in this community."

Jersey's Attorney General says he had confidence the island would win its case against the UK right up until the last moment.

Tim le Cocq said Jersey took expert legal advice and got an early hearing to see if the matter could be dealt with before the UK changed the law on low value imports from the Channel Islands.

He told the States it was essential the island had the best possible legal advice.

Mr le Cocq said: "I felt there was every prospect we would succeed in our argument until probably half-way through the judge was delivering his judgement."

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  1. he has no balls....and Tim Le Cocq....what use is he...he got it hopelessly wrong...little wonder folk think him a privileged twit.

  2. my son and his fiancee were of this crap they also lost their jobs due to this crap .....and they promised to help all those who lost their jobs through this ...well social security its been 6 weeks now and you havnt helped them in any way at all....mick lihou

  3. Mick

    They will only help themselves mate, that's what parasites do!

    They don't give a shyte about the common plebs so let's stop making them rich?

    We need some serious strikes on this hellhole of a rock, that will stop the bastards off in a minute.

    People must remember that it is the workers that make the world go round, NOT the rich parasites....

  4. Talking of corrupt bastards, how about this for a breaking story - screw the people who were killed or maimed by the drug gangs or had their money stolen and then transferred through HSBC.

    HSBC let drug gangs launder millions: First Barclays, now Britain's biggest bank is shamed - and faces a £640million fine HSBC moved huge sum from Mexico into the U.S. between 2007 and 2008.

  5. Wise words from a person pertaining to know so much about everything.

  6. It's actually BOTH, working in harmony ideally :)

    Everyone has a role!

  7. Alqarge heist,a massive theft of rights,dignity and worst of all hope is being stop it ...remember your ACTUAL power and the power of numbers....keep the faith as Trevor says....with hope ALL things remain possible without it nothing...the establishment employ sin doctors and psychologists to deprive the people of now you know how to fix it.....the situation is not at all hopeless and we could all be much better off easily...we need the right politicians in and a meaningful reform not the Baillache High Tea and scones for the rich group they must be forced out..and we can do it keep hope alive,and you'll keep your dreams and your life alive.rESIST THE evil THAT IS THE ESTABLISHMENT AT ALL COSTS AND WITH ALL WE HAVE.

  8. The banks are doing this all the time, getting us used to being crapped on by them. Jersey are doing it with the Golden Handshakes, they are getting us accustomed to their corruption so it becomes common place without the outcry!!!