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Thursday, 26 July 2012

"HRH Bailhache 'Of The Kingdom Of Bailhache' LIES AGAIN!!!"

Barbados: Business V economy class

A Jersey politician who branded the Electoral Commission's visit to Barbados an unnecessary jolly has hit out at the cost of the flights.

Two of the Commission's members and a States officer went to the Caribbean island this week to study its parliamentary structure.

Channel Television has learnt that Senator Sir Philip Bailhache and Colin Storm flew business class at a cost of over 6 thousand pounds.

But the States officer flew economy.


  1. The obvious question to channel would be is that £6,000 each?

  2. Now the readers are beginning to warm up :)

    Well done anon

  3. Even so, we were told in total £6800. Its cost at least 3000 + 3000+1000=£7000 for flights for 3 return...
    Then there's the 2 nights for 3. Hotel, food, drinks, and travel costs!?

  4. The speculation is just fantastic isn't it?

    Why doesn't someone just write to their government representative DEMANDING a breakdown of this corrupt jolly? Then get back to me with the results!

    Too Easy!!!

  5. That could be total per person? Channel television really have not learnt anything have they? If this is breaking news its dismal

  6. Whoa happy days ! Civil servants will be on double time and maybe even treble time, so how much was he paid ? time for the truth. While their at it, how much was Izatt paid off from being useless at WEB, and how about the jolly sending the boats with staff and wigs to London.

    What was the public cost in police overtime and security, for Charles to pop in ?

    So much public money sitting in the bank, so easy to spend, but who is benefiting ?