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Monday, 2 July 2012

"Hounded Out to Protect Ozouf From Slapped Wrist?"

"He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition,

burns a picture to obtain the ashes."

Well, that is Jersey Democracy finally put to the sword,
all we have left now is
Lawful Rebellion! - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - limegrove

After the shock resignation of Jersey's government watchdog, following criticism of his Lime Grove report, the Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has vowed to publish his side of the story.

The Chief Minister says the Auditor General is "probably right" to resign.

Senator Gorst said: "I believe he has resigned because he wants to maintain the integrity of the office and therefore if that is his point of view then he is probably right to resign."

Meanwhile Senator Sarah Ferguson says action must be taken over the Chris Swinson report, even though he has now quit.

Mr Swinson's shock resignation on Friday has put into question whether or not a censure motion against Treasurer Philip Ozouf, who had been criticised in the report, should now go ahead.

Senator Ferguson and the three other politicians who had brought the motion will meet soon. The Senator says she is 'fuming' over events leading to Mr Swinson's departure.

Jersey's government watchdog Christopher Swinson resigns

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Present for Gorst!!!
Jersey's government watchdog has resigned over a clash with the government.
Christopher Swinson says criticism of how he wrote a report on plans to purchase a new police station diverted attention away from the issues it raised.
The Comptroller and Auditor General has been in his role since 2005.
In the letter to the Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst he said it was unacceptable for his responsibilities to become a public issue.

Mr Swinson said: "In recent weeks, discussion of a report that I published concerning the failed transaction to acquire Lime Grove House has centred on issues of process which has obscured the issues raised by the report itself.
"It is unacceptable for my discharge of my responsibilities to become a public issue in this way."
Senator Gorst said he would comment later.


  1. Ian.

    Chris Swinson is one of the most independent, fair and unimpeachable men there are. His work revolves purely around "facts" and "evidence" it was inevitable he would have to go.

    Mr. Swinson's, just as the Former Police Chief's role, is completely independent of the States and both men discharged their duties without fear or favour. Both men were gotten rid of.

    The States now have the Police Chief they wanted and now they'll get the C&AG they want. Soon there will be nobody who values their career that will criticise this out of control and lawless government. Philip Bailhache wanting independence (Feudalism) to reign supreme is well on his way to getting it.

  2. There will always be "The Bloggers" :)

  3. Not if Philip Bailhache achieves his Feudal aspirations there won't be!

  4. Then he must not be allowed to....start now to get everyone you know to canvas their politicians and ask for answers,you pay them and are perfectly at liberty to ask why on anything...then canvass all your mates and relos to get registered for the next elections,,,,if we come out in number they are Fucked....but we must come out and vote for ordinary people.. we must raise political awareness andd use the system to change it...everyone who knows all about football should also get involved in politics as all oyur futures depend on political mawarness and participation...saying it's no good ,what's the use no one listens to us......they want atht thought running through ypour mind as they are shitting themselves that we may actually come out and vote then they are FINISHED. vote my brothers and sisters ...whatever else you do the bloggers ring up politicians and make them give account of their's easier here than anywhere as we know ho they are and where they live they are taking your Tax quids and owe you real answers.