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Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Hell, Everyone Is Found Guilty In Corrupt Jersey - What Did Father Christmas Have On The Oligarchy?"

Judge found guilty


Jersey Judge Ian Christmas has been found guilty of fraud.

Ian Christmas and three co-accused were charged with multiple offences totalling more than £1.5 million involving a property scheme in the USA.

All denied the charges but this morning the Royal Court found him guilty on one of the three counts.

The others were found guilty of numerous offences.

All have been given bail and will be sentenced at a later date.

On Monday, the Royal Court heard the prosecution allege that Magistrate Designate Ian Christmas intentionally misled islanders in order to get them to invest in his US property company.

Mr Christmas, 65, was charged with three fraud counts, while three other men - John Lewis, James Cameron and Russell Foot faced numerous charges.

In total, the four men were accused of almost 30 fraud charges.

But Mr Christmas' defence argued the Judge did not intend to mislead investors and his company simply lost money as a result of the financial crisis and his financial failings.

Advocate Robert MacRae said the company also collapsed because of 'a risky business plan' - that's why investors lost in some cases up to £100,000 each, not because he intended to defraud them.

The prosecution alleged that Mr Christmas swindled large sums of cash out of islanders to find a life of luxury, even though he earns an annual salary of £115,000.

But Advocate MacRae challenged the prosecution argument that: "A man of good character, which he had spent his life building, would sacrifice it on the altar of greed, as the prosecution allege."

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  1. Why can't he be made to pay back the salary that he's been accepting for the last four years.

    Ill gotten gains from drug dealers etc can be seised, so why not from this fraudster?