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Monday, 9 July 2012

"Gestapo Come For Cyril The Squirrel This Evening"

"Bowron Stamps On Cyril With JackBoot"

Hi readers, just a quick posting to let you all know that Cyril was arrested this evening at 7.30pm.

He has been arrested for alleged "contempt of court" in the wake of exposing the corruption and contempt of court of William Bailhache, and which can be read at the link below.

Cyril lodged formal complaints of perjury against two police officers after Bailhache refused in court to address the perjury issue or the doctored trial tapes issue.

I am unsure yet whether our disgusting corrupt excuse for policemen have raped his computer or not, as soon as I have any news I will let you know.

Looking on the bright side though, the establishments response to myself and Cyril shows they are quite clearly worried sick about their Nazi-Arsed patterns of behaviour being exposed!


  1. Police have just rang me to say that Cyril will be held over night and will appear at the magistrates court at

    Baffling how they call it a magistrates court when, to be a magistrate you have to be on your Oath of Office, and none of these fraudsters ever are....

  2. Would the contempt of court be for his last attendance or the previous one? Or something between then and now.

    I Wonder why they left it till today?

  3. Your guess is as good as mine anon, we will find out more tomorrow after they have had time to trump up the rest of their garbage.

  4. Well the pair of you behave like you're above the law so why be so surprised?

  5. Here we go again. Did you study anything we posted about LAW? Of course you didn't, that's why you make ill informed comments like the one above.

  6. No surprises here simply intrigued. Ian could you provide a link to the first blog court appearance. I read the link above but cannot find the earlier posting.

  7. For every link you go back on, there is a link on that page to the previous one.

  8. Oh come on, you regularly do posts mocking the Police, Magistrate and Bailiff and then you act all surprised when they pull related people like Cyril in? You will never beat them with this approach.

  9. Replies
    1. We have missed the original trial out because we will be putting that tale of corruption up after the appropriate authorities have been fully informed :)

  10. "Oh come on, you regularly do posts mocking the Police, Magistrate and Bailiff and then you act all surprised when they pull related people like Cyril in? You will never beat them with this approach."

    They are "ALL" criminals, every single one of them, though in fairness, some of the police don't realise they are acting criminally.

    The judges and lawyers know full well that the fraud they commit every day on the people is criminal, their law society made these rules up!!!

    The police are just unbelievably ignorant when it comes to the law, they don't even know what the word "LAW" means, and it is their job to uphold it!!!

    Again, in fairness to a lot of them, they have never been taught what the real law is, the law of the land. They have been brainwashed with statutory bullshit the same as the people have, and the likes of their boss, Mike Bowron, know this....

  11. Squirrel and mates...keep it have the tenacity and intellect to do this wonderful service...the carel needs to be broken and democracy of a deep and meaningful kind restored.........

  12. Any update on court today Ian?

  13. After 15 hours banged up (no food,sleep or wash up in the morning)
    I was in court for all of 8 minutes, to be told to come back to court on 7th August.
    none of the police officers could tell me exactly what 'contempt of court' is.

    contempt of court in this case being obedience training, not something squirrels take much notice of


  14. " We want Cyril " obedience training is for dumb animals......isn't it...?

  15. Keep up the "Cyril Disobedience", LOL

  16. To prove contempt, the prosecutor or complainant must prove the four elements of contempt:

    Existence of a lawful order
    The potential contemnor's knowledge of the order
    The potential contemnor's ability to comply
    The potential contemnor's failure to comply

    Looks to me like they have a very weak case unless you were under a lawful order not to make a public statement on the case.

    Contempt may be 'Disorderly, contemptuous, or insolent behaviour toward the judge or magistrates while holding the court' but clearly your post was not made while the DB was holding Court.

    Another interesting case, hope you managed to get some sleep.

  17. TherE is a phrase that makes my blood boil...."insolent behaviour"...where do these fuckers get off writing it into their poxy faux laws that they may not be challenged...WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE...THE MASTER RACE..?DELUSIONAL.. it is all about the craven lust for absolute power...a mental illness in my eyes.... I was caned at school for not apologising for what amounted to simply having my own opinion...( clearly a cardinal sin )what would become of the red robes of bullshit if ordinary folks deigned to actually think for themselves,and I can clearly remember saying through clenched teeth in pain i WOULD RATHER DIE THAN KISS THEIR ASSES.