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Monday, 16 July 2012

"Dave Thompson - Gentleman and Scholar"

Special torch presentation to boxing stalwart

Dave Thompson, surrounded by his proud family at Jersey Hospice yesterday Picture: Lynsey Beahan
AN Olympic torchbearer who was forced to pull out of yesterday’s relay due to illness received an Olympic torch in a special presentation yesterday.

Dave Thompson (67), a stalwart of the boxing community, is currently a patient at the Jersey Hospice Care inpatient unit.

He was selected as one of Jersey’s 19 torchbearers because of his work with young boxers and his contribution to boxing but was unable to do his leg of the relay.

Kevin Baudains, who is also a member of the Leonis Amateur Boxing Club, stepped in to run with the Olympic flame in Mr Thompson’s honour.

Olympic organisers made a special trip to Mr Thompson’s ward with the lantern and presented him with the torch.


  1. one hell of a guy and a true gentleman ,,...mick lihou

  2. Ian.

    Couldn't agree more. Dave Thompson is a gentleman and a scholar.