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Saturday, 14 July 2012

"Corbel To Poop His Pants Again?"

Strike ballot ‘almost certain’

Unite leader Nick Corbel
Unite leader Nick Corbel
UNIONS are threatening strike action and a ‘summer and winter of discontent’ after what they have called a disgraceful final pay offer from ministers.

The below-inflation ‘final offer’ from the States Employment Board delivered yesterday was meant to break weeks of deadlock on pay talks, but Unite official Nick Corbel said that his members have reacted angrily on hearing the terms proposed and that a strike ballot was ‘almost certain’.

Ministers have offered a one-off 1% payment for 2012, and another next year along with a 1% salary rise. There is a further offer of 4% for 2014, on the proviso that workers and unions back the ongoing reform and modernisation of the States workforce.


  1. Just search Nick Corbel in the top left hand corner....Shocking record of doing nothing.

  2. Nick Corbel all wind and no backbone,look at the big fuss he made about Ozouf and his alledged bullying in the work place,suggesting the unions would not put up with this kind of behaviour etc, and what did he do sweet nothing,the states members know how weak he is and so it makes no difference if they threaten to strike the states will not budge,the unions need to find another leader,as the present one has passed his sell by date.

  3. Do the faithfull Unite Union members, not know that striking will be useless? Concidering The States of Jersey paid the "essencial services" employees, lump sums in the regin of £10,000 each.

    Making striking even more useless.

    Check this out. Ask Nick Corbel. SOJ's puppet.... And loser!?

  4. What a load of shit