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Monday, 9 July 2012

"Bowron Tell's Us - Jersey Is Safe - But We Need Tasers"

Taser use 'needs to be justified by Jersey Police'

Tasers are used to subdue violent suspects

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Jersey police should not get Tasers until they can justify a need for them, argues a government panel.
Jersey's Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel has been investigating whether the equipment should be introduced in the island.
The panel said Jersey police did not face enough violent incidents while on duty to justify their use.
Police had carried firearms on average 15 times per year since 2008, and half of those were for VIP and royal visits.
Deputy Jeremy Macon, who heads the scrutiny panel, said police officers already coped well with violent incidents.
'Less lethal' He said the introduction of Tasers would require a lot more justification.
More than half of the 400 people who took part in the survey opposed the idea of introducing Tasers to the force.

Deputy Macon said the fact hundreds of people had answered the survey showed it was "a major public issue".
He said: "The case for me needs to be proved and also the level of governance around how Tasers would be used needs to be fleshed out more."
Former chairman of the Jersey Human Rights Group, Bob Hill, said Tasers would give police a bad image.
He said he was not yet convinced there was a need for Tasers in Jersey.
'Preventing serious injury' "It is all very well saying they are less lethal, but nevertheless they are lethal," he said.
"The human rights group are right behind the police and the public in ensuring that everyone is safe."
Simon Thomas, the president of the States of Jersey Police Association, said police officers did take pride in being "virtually unarmed" but the growing criminal use of lethal weapons put officers and the public in danger.
He said: "The introduction of Tasers... must be seen as positive action in the interests of preventing serious injury to any of my membership as well as members of the public."


  1. Bowron is trying to make a name for himself, as far as I am concerned he already has one," a yes man".
    If the SoJP are allowed "tasers" they will be like kids in a sweet shop, every weekend there will be more electricity used than comes from the National Grid!, bodies all over the Weighbridge, with the "age old" excuse given out "the minimum amount of force was used to restrain the offender, who became violent"
    The Police over here are VERY well paid for "fuck all", or are they just too "shit scared" to get involved in a punch-up when they might get a slap!!!!!

  2. Hooray for Jeremy Macon and his sensible Tazers are a large step too far and in the wrong direction...let us hope we never see them .