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Saturday, 7 July 2012

"The Blame Game"

Report blames Le Sueur for £546,000 pay-out to Ogley

Former Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur
FORMER Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur was to blame for the taxpayer having to fork out £546,337.50p to pay off ex-States chief executive Bill Ogley, a report has found.

The review by the Public Accounts Committee seriously criticises Mr Le Sueur, saying he was directly responsible for the cost to the Island because he failed to sort out tensions between Mr Ogley and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf before it was too late.

The report says that Mr Le Sueur, who was also involved in agreeing the contractual clause in 2005 which included the pay-off, knew that there were tensions between the two men but ‘took no action to intervene’.


  1. That fucking obnoxious bastard is to blame for a lot more than that!!!!!!!

  2. The clowns who run this Island are masters at the "blame" game!
    According to the incompetent, arseholes at the Tourism office, (who have had more bail-outs than Greece), the lack of visitors and bookings this year are entirely the fault of Queens Silver Jubilee, the European Football finals and the forthcoming Olympic Games, (why did they leave out Wimbledon?)
    The Politicians, the other "yes men" in charge of, you name it! have a natural avertion to the truth,
    the glaring fact is the cost of getting here, the cost of being here, and the fact there is little to do for a family with young children.
    Be honest, this place is well "f****d"