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Friday, 20 July 2012

"And So This Is Christmas - And What Have You Done?"

Jurats deciding if Judge defrauded islanders

Louisa Pilbeam has been following the Royal Court hearing at Jersey's Magistrates: Report from Thursday 19 July

Jurats have now retired to decide whether a Jersey Judge and three other men defrauded islanders out of a total of around £1.5 million.

The Royal Court has heard the prosecution allege that Magistrate Designate Ian Christmas intentionally misled islanders in order to get them to invest in his US property company.

Mr Christmas, 65, is charged with three fraud counts, while three other men - John Lewis, James Cameron and Russell Foot - face numerous charges. In total, the four men are accused of almost 30 fraud charges.

But Mr Christmas' defence argue the Judge did not intend to mislead investors and his company simply lost money as a result of the financial crisis and his financial failings.

Advocate Robert MacRae said the company also collapsed because of 'a risky business plan' - that's why investors lost in some cases up to £100,000 each, not because he intended to defraud them.

The prosecution has alleged that Mr Christmas swindled large sums of cash out of islanders to find a life of luxury, even though he earns an annual salary of £115,000.

But Advocate MacRae challenged the prosecution argument that: "A man of good character, which he had spent his life building, would sacrifice it on the altar of greed, as the prosecution allege."

Jurats Fisher and Nicolle will deliver their verdict next week (beginning 23rd July), with Royal Court Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers presiding over the case.


  1. Ju-Rats Deciding? This is a common law case!!! WTF???

  2. A judge with no judgment...????if he walks...we want the wages back....and it is a vast amount of the Taxpayers money.....

  3. I have to say that the people who came forward were brave.If they had'nt then these people would go on to defraud even more.We will never know how many people here have been defrauded as they will not want anyone to know that they have money or have been conned.