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Monday, 30 July 2012

"Common Law - Admiralty Law - And Your Straw Man" Part 21

"Kids Are Wise To Government Robbery :)

Common Law Is The Peoples Friend"

Before we start this posting, we would like the reader to know, and acknowledge, that anything in this posting is "NOT" Legal Advice, and should "NOT" be perceived as such. Everything written here is merely our own theory.

Please also note, that anyone using these tactics or copying what we have done here, "MUST" know how to defend themselves properly in a courtroom. Lawyer's and Judges have a wealth of knowledge and trickery to get you to consent to their codes of practice, thereby rendering you liable to their penalties after you have been coaxed into giving up your "Inalienable Rights".
"Common Law is the greatest protection anyone has against tyrannical Government and injustice. The States of Jersey have trampled the Law of the land into the dirt."
"The Great Deception"

Common Law Admiralty Law And Your Straw Man,

Jail better than fines, teenagers tell court


Fruitcake Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

THREE teenagers have been jailed during the last two weeks after asking to be locked-up rather than pay their court fines.

With apparent disregard for the judicial system, two teenagers, who told the court they were on benefits, ‘flatly refused’ to pay their fines and said they would rather spend the money on themselves.

And in another case a Magistrate heard that a 19-year-old girl would rather ‘do the time’ before she waved to her family in the public gallery as she was taken away to youth detention.

Home Affairs said that it was a concern that youngsters had chosen this route but said that they did not think it was a worrying trend.


Below we have Brian Gerrish from U.K Column interviewing
Roger Hayes from The British Constitution Group.
Roger, who was arrested, dragged through court and imprisoned all within a matter of hours.

Please see links below the video
All three videos are a must watch to find out what's really going on
The second video you will so relate to Jersey, the first to myself, Stuart Syvret and Ken Soar!

This is a very shocking video in that it tells us that no one is safe in Britain anymore.

Brian and Roger have done some amazing work for the oppressed, for abuse victims,
and for the vile corruption that is the Secret Family Court System. 

Watch in horror as the lawlessness of Britain is exposed.
And we think we can go to them to save ourselves from The Jersey Oligarchy!!!

"Oh Bugger!!! Looks Like Legislation Was A Waste Of Money Honey"

Fewer people tying the knot in Jersey

Fewer and fewer people are choosing to marry in Jersey
THE number of couples getting married has declined to its lowest level in more than 20 years.

A total of 515 weddings were 'registered' in Jersey last year, down from 546 recorded in the previous year.
It is the lowest number of marriages in the Island since before 1990. The only other time during that period that the marriage rate has fallen to such low levels was in 1993, when just 536 couples tied the knot.


Or perhaps the people have started waking up to what these government words mean?

Check out the two short vids on the link below and get wise to registering!!!

"Jersey A Well Regulated Finance Centre LOL :)"

HSBC linked to alleged money-laundering


There are calls for tougher regulation of Jersey's banks after a local-offshoot of HSBC was linked to allegations of money-laundering.

A major report by the US Senate accuses the global bank of a raft of wrongdoings.

US laws stop banks from doing business with certain countries including Iran.

However the report found the bank carried out thousands of transactions with Iran, and that HBME changed its records to remove any reference to that country.

HSBC Middle East, known as HBME, is registered at HSBC House on the Esplanade in St Helier in Jersey.

Deputy Geoff Southern says this should act as a wake-up call for those who oversee the industry.

The US Senate's findings have sent shockwaves through the financial world with HSBC saying it expects to be held accountable for what went wrong.

The report says more work needs to be done to prove if any laws were actually broken.

HSBC Middle East is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission who say they are aware of the Senate report but say they can't talk about specific cases.

Deputy Geoff Southern thinks that is not good enough.

"Jersey claims to be a well-regulated island but that the US Senate's findings cast doubt on that, so much for regulation."

Channel Television received a statement from Jersey Financial Services Commission this evening:

"The Jersey Financial Services Commission is generally not able to comment publicly on matters relating to a registered person and it would in any case not be appropriate to do so in circumstances involving matters that are the subject of on going consideration."

"The Commission has extensive powers to require and enforce appropriate measures to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This was reflected in the International Monetary Fund's last assessment of the Island's defences against such activities, published in September 2009. The report concluded that financial sector regulation and supervision in the Island were of a "high standard" and "complied well" with international standards."

"You Really Couldn't Make This Up!"

Fees for services ‘may result from lack of funding’

Environment Minister Rob Duhamel
Environment Minister Rob Duhamel
THE Environment department may start charging the public and businesses for services after missing out on extra cash in the three-year spending plan published this week, says Environment Minister Rob Duhamel.

He says that after his requests for extra money were refused in the ministerial spending plans from 2013 to 2015, his department might have to set up commercial enterprises to raise funds.

‘Perhaps we have to start thinking about grafting a commercial enterprise on to existing departments to generate a revenue stream to subsidise areas that are not being funded,’ he said.

‘An example might be charging for forecasts from the Met Office, or a group of conservation volunteers who might be prepared to work unpaid in assisting performing functions.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

"Dave Thompson MBE - The Legend Leaves Us - But The Legacy Remains"

Boxing stalwart Dave Thompson dies

Dave Thompson only dies
when everyone who loved him,
 forgets him!!!


Leonis Boxing Club stalwart Dave Thompson has lost his battle against cancer.

He died at the Jersey Hospice at the age of 67.

Thompson, a recipient of the Michael Lucas Sporting Hero award, steered Leonis into one of the best amateur boxing clubs in the British Isles.

He had dedicated his life to coaching generations of boxers and was rightfully proud of the club's achievements in taking on and beating county teams.

He prided himself on making sure his boxers were in a prime state of fitness before entering the ring - a policy which really did mean the island punched above its weight.

His illness prevented him from running with the Olympic Torch when it was in Jersey, but he was later visited by officials who carried the flame in a lantern to present him with his torch - a moment of pride for him and his family.

"The Smug Sit There Laughing At The Tax Paying Mugs!!!"

Barbados trip was good use of public money, says Senator

Electoral Corruption chairman Senator Sir Philip Bailhache (right) and vice-chairman Colin Storm 
ASSISTANT Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache has defended his £6,700 Electoral Commission trip to Barbados saying that they learned ‘a great deal’ to help them with the job of reforming the States.

Senator Bailhache, the commission chairman, flew business class to the Caribbean island with vice-chairman Colin Storm on Monday, returning on Wednesday after a series of meetings with politicians and clerks.

And although the trip has prompted criticism from States colleagues and members of the public, Senator Bailhache said that he was ‘absolutely sure’ that it had been a good use of public money.

The commission he leads is looking into States reform and will publish recommendations by the end of the year. The Senator said that the trip to Barbados, the third-oldest parliament in the Commonwealth, had been ‘successful and instructive’.

"One Of Jersey's Host Of Bent Judges Robbed Us Of Our Life Savings"

Fraudsters took our life savings

Jenny and Peter Sandall
Jenny and Peter Sandall

Some of the  victims of the £1.3m US property fraud have spoken about the devastation of losing their life savings.

They include a woman who claims she was hounded for money as she cared for her dying mother and another couple who have lost their home.

Cynthia Binet lost thousands of pounds after investing in Jersey-based US property company Sunstone Holdings.

Jenny Sandall, who also lost money, has also spoken of the years she spent waiting for justice to be delivered. In that time she has had to return to work in order to support her terminally ill husband.

"Suzanne Sullivan RIP xxx"

Lorry victim is named

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - sullivan

The 49-year-old woman pedestrian who died after being hit by an articulated lorry in Jersey has been named as Suzanne Sullivan - pictured above with her partner Chris Jehan.

The tragedy happened in Rouge Bouillon outside police headquarters at just after 9am yesterday (Friday).

The road was closed for much of yesterday as a detailed police investigation was made. There is still an appeal for witnesses.

The driver of the lorry was unhurt.

Woman hit by lorry outside St Helier police station dies

Crash outside police station  
The woman was hit by the lorry outside the police station
A 49-year-old woman died in hospital after she was struck by a lorry outside Jersey's police station in St Helier.
Jersey Police said the woman had been taken to the island's general hospital for treatment.
Rouge Bouillon was closed between Elizabeth Place and Queen's Road after the incident.
Police Chief Officer Mike Bowron said he had heard the crash from his office at the police station. He asked drivers to avoid the area.

Friday, 27 July 2012

"Zeitgeist - Moving Forward"

Zeitgeist - part 3 of 3

"What Next For Fraud Judge? - Community Service Probably!"

What next for fraud judge?

What next for fraud judge?
Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas leaving the court yesterday
MAGISTRATE-designate Ian Christmas’s future as a judge remained in doubt today following yesterday’s conviction for fraud.

Hours after yesterday’s guilty verdict was returned, the authorities in Jersey revealed they do not have the power to remove him from office.

Instead, the Bailiff’s Chambers yesterday contacted the UK’s Ministry of Justice department, which is due to begin a disciplinary process.

Christmas was found guilty of one count of fraudulent inducement to invest, John Lewis and Russell Foot were convicted of 13 counts and James Cameron convicted of 16.

"Gorst Does As He Is Told"

States pledge to support UK clampdown on tax loopholes

UK Justice Minister Lord McNally in conversation with Chief Minister Ian Gorst
UK Justice Minister Lord McNally in conversation with Chief Minister Ian Gorst
JERSEY is right behind the UK in clamping down on aggressive tax avoidance, Chief Minister Ian Gorst will tell a visiting UK minister later today.

Senator Gorst will offer the Island’s full co-operation in the UK coalition government’s moves to stop wealthy UK residents using loopholes in the tax law to avoid paying their fair share.

He is due to see visiting Justice Minister Lord McNally – who is responsible for UK links with the Channel Islands – for talks later today, and said that Jersey would back the crackdown on aggressive tax avoidance.

Plans floated earlier this week in the UK would see the names of their residents with money in Jersey released to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and Senator Gorst and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf were quick to back the proposals, saying that they would not harm Jersey’s competitiveness.


£250,000 Heroin bust

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - drugs

A Jersey man has been arrested in the UK following a seizure of around a quarter of a million pounds worth of Heroin.

Locally, Jersey Police have arrested 3 men and 1 woman.

One of the men and the woman have been released pending more investigation.

A major drugs syndicate has been disrupted as a result of this States of Jersey Police operation.

Detective Inspector Steve Megaw said: "The States of Jersey Police would like to thank our colleagues in both France and the UK for their assistance. This is a significant seizure of a drug which would have otherwise made it to the streets of the Island."

Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Hell, Everyone Is Found Guilty In Corrupt Jersey - What Did Father Christmas Have On The Oligarchy?"

Judge found guilty


Jersey Judge Ian Christmas has been found guilty of fraud.

Ian Christmas and three co-accused were charged with multiple offences totalling more than £1.5 million involving a property scheme in the USA.

All denied the charges but this morning the Royal Court found him guilty on one of the three counts.

The others were found guilty of numerous offences.

All have been given bail and will be sentenced at a later date.

On Monday, the Royal Court heard the prosecution allege that Magistrate Designate Ian Christmas intentionally misled islanders in order to get them to invest in his US property company.

Mr Christmas, 65, was charged with three fraud counts, while three other men - John Lewis, James Cameron and Russell Foot faced numerous charges.

In total, the four men were accused of almost 30 fraud charges.

But Mr Christmas' defence argued the Judge did not intend to mislead investors and his company simply lost money as a result of the financial crisis and his financial failings.

Advocate Robert MacRae said the company also collapsed because of 'a risky business plan' - that's why investors lost in some cases up to £100,000 each, not because he intended to defraud them.

The prosecution alleged that Mr Christmas swindled large sums of cash out of islanders to find a life of luxury, even though he earns an annual salary of £115,000.

But Advocate MacRae challenged the prosecution argument that: "A man of good character, which he had spent his life building, would sacrifice it on the altar of greed, as the prosecution allege."

A Christmas Story - But Is It Whole?

"HRH Bailhache 'Of The Kingdom Of Bailhache' LIES AGAIN!!!"

Barbados: Business V economy class

A Jersey politician who branded the Electoral Commission's visit to Barbados an unnecessary jolly has hit out at the cost of the flights.

Two of the Commission's members and a States officer went to the Caribbean island this week to study its parliamentary structure.

Channel Television has learnt that Senator Sir Philip Bailhache and Colin Storm flew business class at a cost of over 6 thousand pounds.

But the States officer flew economy.

"Sam Mezec Spearheads New Campaign Group To Rid Jersey Of Tyranny"

Calls for political reform

A new campaign group, Reform Jersey is calling for 'meaningful' political reform, collecting support by handing out leaflets.

The group is led by local law student Sam Mezec, to improve the overall quality of political representation in Jersey.

By lobbying the island's Electoral Commission, they aim to improve the make-up of the States.

Mr Mezec wants islanders to support his view that a reformed government should be simpler, with bigger constituencies and just one type of States member.

Sam M├ęzec said: “The consensus in Jersey at the moment is that no reform is not an option.”

He is holding a public meeting at the Town Hall on Monday the 30th of July at 7pm to discuss the subject. Speakers will include Deputy Roy Le Herissier, and former Deputy Daniel Wimberley.

Some News Cover-up TV  Failed to Mention!!!

Sam's Facebook Group

Sam's Blog Spot


"Is It The Patients or Admins Fault?"

Hospital to send appointment reminders by text

MISSED hospital appointments are costing the Island around £1.4 million each year according to the Health department.

Figures released by Health estimate that the cost of a single person missing a scheduled health care visit is at least £70. And with some 20,000 missed appointments last year the wasted costs could be huge.

Now, a text messaging service has been launched to combat the problem and reduce the amount of money being lost.

The service aims to get more people to their appointments by sending a text message to their phone three working days before they are due at the hospital.

How Timely

I had an appointment this last Tuesday which had been changed, and that I still attended. My next appointment, which had also been changed, was the day after! yup, Wednesday, and with the same doctor!!! 

This appointment I also attended simply to be told that there was NO appointment!!! I would be notified in due course of a new appointment, the very next morning (today) I got a letter stating my new appointment was on the 2nd of January 2013....Meanwhile, I have another two appointments which had also been re-sheduled with new dates for August and September!!!

Should I Attend???

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

"Perhaps Lord McNally Is Discussing Systemic Corruption & Cyril's Case???

Top talks this week on links with the UK

THE UK minister responsible for Jersey’s links to the coalition government is in the Island this week for talks with ministers.

The Minister of State for the UK Ministry of Justice, Lord McNally, will arrive tomorrow for talks with Chief Minister Ian Gorst and Assistant Chief Minister Philip Bailhache on a range of topics, including the recently agreed Strategic Plan and coalition proposals for the names of UK residents with money in Jersey to be passed to the UK taxman.

The three men last met for talks at the end of February in the UK.

Lord McNally will also visit the Jersey Archive with the Lieutenant-Governor, General Sir John McColl – who will be hosting him over the three-day trip – to view the hoard of Iron Age Celtic coins which made headlines around the world when they were discovered last month.

"No Wonder Nazi Occupation Force Were Stunned They Weren't Winning The War!!!"

Guernsey States conned out of £2.6 million

Guernsey States have been a victim of fraud, losing £2.6 million.

Treasury and Resources Minister, Gavin St Pier announced in the States this morning that on July 10th a payment that was supposed to go to Lagan Construction was in fact paid to fraudsters.

Guernsey Police Commercial Fraud Department have now arrested someone in the UK.

The fraud department have also recovered a small percentage of the funds. The exact amount recovered has not yet been confirmed.

A full investigation is ongoing and the fraud department are being assisted by their Guernsey Border Agency colleagues.

Lagan Construction was due the money for their work on the airport runway refurbishment.

The mistake was made when an employee in the department paid the money into the wrong account after receiving a fraudulent letter that 'appeared' to be from Lagan Construction, saying that they had changed their account details.

Members of the Assembly are angry and say there are many questions to be answered.

The minister said: "Of course, we have internal controls in place. Clearly these were inadequate in preventing this particular fraud. These internal controls were immediately changed to prevent it happening again."

"The theft of £2.6m of taxpayers' money is disturbing. It would be bad enough in the best of times; but it is even less bearable in the current fiscal situation."

"Sun Screen Is The Killer - Not The Sun - Wakey Wakey Sheeple"

Skin cancer rising in over 50s

Cases of skin cancer in the over 50s are on the rise.

The warning comes from the charity Cancer Research UK, with the message most relevant for the Channel Islands which has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the British Isles.

About 40 islanders a year are diagnosed with malignant melanoma, which if found at a late stage can prove fatal.

Experts say skin cancer is almost entirely preventable by covering up with cool clothing and a hat, using sunscreen over Factor 15, and seeking shade between 11am and 3pm.

Di Mathews from the Health Promotion Unit in Guernsey said: "We all need to look after our skin and keep our skin young and healthy looking, particularly young people actually. Perhaps the increase in incidents is due to better diagnosis, or perhaps they didn't take as much care of their skin when they were younger, so look after your skin throughout your life. You need it for your whole life so yeah look after it throughout your life."

With islanders and visitors making the most of the sunshine on what is the hottest week of the year so far, it is easy to forget the risks.

Those who deal with skin cancer hope their reminder about protection will be heeded as the advice could save your life.

"How Many Times? You Retards Work For The People! Not The Other Way Around! People Please Stop Being Retards"

Jersey community groups may get say in planning process

Deputy Rob Duhamel  
Deputy Duhamel hopes the plans will make the planning process a more positive experience

Related Stories

Community groups could get more say on planning decisions in Jersey under new guidelines.
Planning Minister Deputy Rob Duhamel wants islanders to work together to decide the future of certain sites.
He is encouraging collaboration between the department, developers, neighbours and community groups.
St Brelade Deputy John Young said it was a good idea in principle but was worried successful community planning would be hard to achieve.
Deputy Duhamel said he hoped if people were involved in the design process they would be more positive about development.
Positive response He said: "I think broadly most people are critical of developments and the comments are usually negative.
"The whole process is a reactive one and I want to turn it around, I want people to be positive."
Architect Christopher Scholefield said it could make a big difference to the way developers work.
He said: "What you have to do is walk a tightrope because you could just be inviting a flood of nimbyism.
"What you really want is for people to establish a consensus about the look of Jersey and the appearance of their community.
"That will be good for the developers in the long run because they will know what to aim towards."

"JUST Community Service For Nearly Killing Your Passenger - Yet You Can Be jailed For Not Paying A Parking Fine!!!"

Demented Jersey refuse to name driver??? 

Speeding drink-driver nearly killed passenger in crash

The scene of the accident at Bel Royal
The scene of the accident at Bel Royal
A DRINK-driver came close to killing his female passenger after he smashed into a lamppost and parked car while speeding along Victoria Avenue, a court heard on Monday.

Witnesses estimated that the uninsured 22-year-old was driving at up to 70 mph shortly before he lost control of his car at Bel Royal on 13 May and mounted the pavement.

The driver and a male front-seat passenger escaped serious injury, but the female passenger was in the back of the red Alfa Romeo, drifting in and out of consciousness, and had to be helped out by two passers-by before being taken to the Hospital, the Magistrate’s Court heard.

The defendant, of Stopford Road, was sentenced to 140 hours’ community service and banned from driving for 28 months after admitting driving dangerously, drink-driving and driving without insurance.

"Is Frank Walker Dying?"

Bats on the brink of extinction

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - rare bat durrell big

Sorry, wrong Bat!!!

Durrell have joined forces with Bristol Zoo Gardens to survey bats on the brink of extinction.

Field biologists and researchers are monitoring the roost sites of Livingstone's fruit bats - the most endangered bat species.

It is feared that the rapid clearance of their forest habitat is increasing the chances of the species being lost forever.

There are thought to be less than 1,000 of these giant, red-eyed bats left in the wild on their native islands of Anjouan and Moheli - in the Comoros archipelago, off the south-east coast of Africa.

Now the teams are carrying out the most thorough count of the species ever done, in a bid to assess the current population status and identify threats to the species survival.

With help from local experts, the teams will traverse the bats entire range, scaling mountains and travelling to the most inaccessible areas of the islands, to count bats in all their known treetop roost sites.

Field ecologist, Bronwen Daniel, from Durrell, is leading the mission. She said: "The bats gather in communal roosts in large trees, choosing the most inaccessible sites on steep slopes as they dont like disturbance. This makes surveying them a real challenge."

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"King Birt Gets A Complaint About Barking Bill From Cyril The Squirrel"

"When Enough Is Truly Enough!"

As readers are aware, Cyril has been fighting the corrupt conviction of a parking ticket, a case wherein he annihilated the prosecution case and tore the bent judge apart using their own 'Laws' against them.

The two policy-men giving evidence against Cyril, committed perjury, and I believe that the 'alleged' magistrate, Bridget Shaw, had conspired to pervert the course of justice in this case.

Basically....just another normal day in the Jersey Court System!

So fed up of the endemic corruption are we, that we are now copying everything to the Home Secretary, Teresa May, and the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke.

We have also copied in General Sir John McColl, the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, who is The Queen's official envoy, as none of the Jersey Authorities can be trusted. 

Below are the four previous links telling this story of Treason & Corruption in Jersey, these are followed by the letter of complaint against William Bailhache, from Cyril to King Birt.

The Complaint

Please left click on the pic's to read them 

First comment will be a troll


"IoD Beg Jersey Parasites To Grant Free Parking For 6 Days - PMSL :) hahaha aaahha aahha ahah aaahhha Dream On!!!

Plea for free parking on six Saturdays

 The IoD would like to see free parking on six summer Saturdays 
A PLEA for free car parking for six summer Saturdays as a simple and quick way to boost the economy, has been made by a body that represents Island businesses.

The Jersey branch of Institute of Directors believes that free parking at weekends over the school holidays will encourage tourists and locals to shop more.

The IoD says that free parking would increase footfall in the shopping areas without costing the consumer anything.

The body argued that it would only take an average family to spend £14.20 more for the States to recoup in GST the equivalent of one hour’s parking charges.

On A Brighter Note

Cyril the Squirrel will be up for his 'parking ticket infraction fine security interest Tick-et' this Thursday at 2.30pm in the Royal Court of Administration of Summary Justice!

This is the same case that William Bailhache refused to investigate the rampant corruption within the Jersey Judiciary & Police Force.

Please see my next blog posting for the details, and a good read of the complaint Cyril lodged as a consequence of this disgusting corruption!!!

"The Clowns Are Out Of Control"

‘States spending is still out of control’

Public Accounts Committee chairman Tracey Vallois.
Public Accounts Committee chairman Tracey Vallois.
RISES in States spending over the next three years show that public expenditure remains out of control, according to Public Accounts Committee chairman Tracey Vallois.

She says that there has been no ‘cultural change’ of new efficiency within the States and that Islanders should expect tax rises after 2015 to balance the books.

The three-year spending plan released yesterday sets out a 12% increase in States department budgets from 2013 to 2015 and a huge £222m worth of capital projects.

And with projected States spending topping £2bn over the three-year period, Deputy Vallois – the head of the committee with responsibility for ensuring that States spending is efficient and effective – says that the strain on families and businesses from the recession has changed nothing within the public sector.

"Jersey Greed Pulling Business To Pieces"

61% reduction in business confidence

The results of a survey by Jersey Chamber of Commerce has shown a 61% reduction in business confidence.

Chamber spoke to 100 businesses who answered questions on a range of issues.

Perhaps one of the more alarming responses involved the States Employment Grant Scheme, which is an initiative aimed at getting the long term unemployed back into work.

88% of respondents had not used it and 10% had not even heard of it.

In relation to another States initiative, the Economic and Diversification Strategy, the response was similarly flat.

When businesses were asked whether they thought it would be of benefit to them, 37% said no; 24% did not know and 19% had not heard enough about it.

Chamber of Commerce President, David Warr, said "Given the strategy got the thumbs up from the States Chamber it makes one wonder if many politicians bothered to ask what business actually thought."

As far as the economy is concerned, it appears whilst things are not getting worse, they are not improving either.

83% of businesses reported stagnant or reduced profits, whilst 80% of businesses are keeping staffing levels the same or reducing them.

"Missing Person or Stupid Hoax?"

Jersey sea search for woman called off

Clothes found at Anne Port slipway  
Jersey Police want to find the owner of the clothes left on Anne Port slipway
A search off Jersey's north east-coast has been called off. It started after clothes were found on a slipway.
Police said two lifeboats, the Fire Service and a French rescue helicopter helped in the extensive search.

Acting Insp Jez Payne said women's clothes including a dress, cardigan and flip-flops were found on the Anne Port slipway at about 07:30 BST.

He said there was "no sign of a missing person and as yet no-one has been reported missing to police".
He added: "Police were concerned that they may be linked to a person who may have gone swimming from the beach either late last night or earlier this morning."

He said the clothes were not on the slipway when it was used at about 19:30 BST.
He said the police would like to find the owner of the clothes to ensure they are well.

Monday, 23 July 2012

"Pigs At The Trough Of Public Money"

Just 2 politicians condemn Barbados trip


Jersey Deputy Geoff Southern has condemned the Electoral Commission's visit to Barbados today, calling it an unnecessary jolly.

Two members of the Commission and a States officer are in the Carribbean island to study its parliamentary structure.

Senator Philip Bailhache, Mr. Colin Storm and Ian Clarkson are on a fact finding mission to improve the States structure.

Deputies Trevor Pitman and Geoff Southern say the visit is "an outrageous waste of taxpayers' money."

But the Commission says the two day trip is worth every penny.

Deputy Trevor Pitman suggests a trawl of the internet and a skype conference would have been sufficient.

"With the island still in the clutches of recession, and so many unemployed there can be no excuse for such a glorious waste of money on what can only be seen as an unnecessary jolly."

The Chairman of the Commission, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache has refuted the criticism.

He says the £7,000 trip is a necessary part of the investigations they are carrying out to determine the best way forward for Jersey.

"We wish to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the composition of parliaments in other small jurisdictions, similar to our own, in order to assist us in determining the most suitable approach for Jersey," he said. "Our visit to Barbados will provide us with an insight into the operation of the Island's bicameral legislature; will inform our ongoing research, and will represent, in my view, good value for money. The costs to be incurred by the Commissioners are estimated to be about £6,700."

The Commission is continuing to seek the views of members of the public with regard to the future composition of Jersey's States Assembly.

Islanders can make their submission online at:; by e-mail to:; or in writing to: Electoral Commission, Morier House, St. Helier, JE1 1DD.

"Taxing Times Ahead"

Crackdown on tax avoidance


The UK government is launching a fresh crackdown on tax avoidance.

David Gauke M.P
It follows last month's news that the comedian Jimmy Carr was using a Jersey-based scheme to reduce his tax bill. After his tax affairs were made public, he apologised and quit the scheme.

The UK Treasury said such structures were in their sights and that clearer rules were needed.

Treasury minister David Gauke MP said: "If there's one lesson to be learned from the cases exposed in newspaper reports in recent weeks. If a tax advisor tells you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true, so one of the major parts of our consultation is how we can make people aware where a company has peddled schemes that have been successfully challeged so that they know there is a strong chance that no good will come of it."

You might imagine tax experts in the Channel Islands would be worried by all this attention, but they say they welcome it, pointing out tax affairs are rarely black and white.

John Shenton of accountants Grant Thornton said: "It does fall into shades of grey. I think some are more grey than others though and I think where you have a transaction which is clearly artificial, then I don't think in the current day and age then that's a place we want to be. I think if it's artificial then it does cross the line."

It all comes as a major study by the Tax Justice Network says £13,000,000,000,000 or 3,000 times the size of the economies of Jersey and Guernsey is hidden in tax havens by the world's richest people.

Their report gathered data from governments, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. They say it highlights how the mega wealthy are using complicated methods to cut their tax bills.

And though that report doesn't specifically refer to Jersey or Guernsey, it does list a number of well-known banks and they will be familiar faces around the financial districts of the Channel Islands.

The question now is whether the latest crackdown will convince the world's super-rich and their accounts to think twice about tax avoidance.

"David Kirch"

Jersey businessman to leave £100m to island's elderly


David Kirch  
David Kirch moved to the island in 1973 and has had a successful career in property

Related Stories

Businessman David Kirch has said he will leave his £100m fortune to older people in Jersey.
For the past six years Mr Kirch has given £100 of Christmas shopping vouchers to islanders aged over 70.
On his 76th birthday, he announced he would leave the older population his entire fortune when he dies.
He said since he had arrived in Jersey nearly 40 years ago, the island had been very good to him.
Mr Kirch said: "I love the island, and so I have decided to leave my wealth to benefit the elderly as they are often left out and forgotten.
"Also, I have recently discovered that I have cancer and I have been amazed at how this has sharpened my mind and changed my perspectives on life.
"I have worked very hard all my life to earn this money and I want to see it used well."
Mr Kirch moved to the island in 1973 and has had a successful career in property.
The money will go to the David Kirch Charitable Trust, which already provides homes for pensioners and runs the winter voucher scheme.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

"Fucking MRSA, Fucking Swine Flu Sue, Fucking Killer Nurses, Fucking Incompetent Doctors, Fucking Anne Pryke, Fucking Filthy Wards, Fucking Blind Surgeons, Fucking Dr Moyano, and now Fucking Legionella!!! And Now They Are Discussing "If" We Need A New Fucking Hospital? WTF? Fucking Pricks!!!

"Low risk" legionella found in hospital water

Horror Hospital

Water supplies at two hospital sites in Jersey are contaminated with legionella.

The health department say routine tests have found a low-virulence strain of the bacteria which presents a very low risk to public health at around one case in a population of one million.

The bacteria has been found in water within the General Hospital's Gwyneth Huelin Wing (Out-Patients) and in non-clinical areas within Queen's House at the St Saviour's Hospital site.

The hospital says no harmful effects have been noted so far and that all hospital services will continue as usual. Patients should keep their appointments.

The affected areas will be decontaminated this weekend, starting late on Saturday through to Sunday. This work will not affect the service patients receive.

In Queen's House, which has not been used for in-patients for many years, higher concentrations of legionella have been detected in an unused water outlet. As a precautionary measure, Queen's House has been closed three months ahead of schedule.

The building has been used as a low-level activity centre, staff training area and a dining room, but public health maintain the risk is considered to be very low.

"Flu & Swine Flu Legacy"

"Brain Dead Big Brother - Viewing For Moron's Only"

Lauren's Big exit

Jersey's Big Brother housemate has been evicted from the television show.

Lauren Carre became the seventh housemate to leave the Channel 5 show after losing the public vote.

The 20-year-old grew up on a potato farm in St Ouen and is now studying Criminolgy and Sociology in Liverpool.

She was originally the bookies favourite, but lost out to popular transsexual Luke Anderson.

As she left the house, host Brian Dowling told her she received the 'best reception' of the series so far.

"Parasites Want Paying Even More"

Jersey taxi fares to rise by 2.5% from 30 July

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The cost of taxi fares in Jersey will be going up by 2.5% from 30 July, half the cost of living increase.
Transport and Technical Services reviews the cost of rank taxis against any rises in the cost of living each year.
Between March 2011 and March 2012 the cost of living increased by 5%.
Transport Minister Deputy Kevin Lewis said he was pleased the rank taxi rise had been limited with drivers absorbing the rest.
He said he thought a good compromise had been reached which was fair to the public and drivers who he said had experienced rising costs over the past year.
Transport and Technical Services does not control the fares charged by private hire cab companies.
The firms that run these services are free to set their own charges.

Friday, 20 July 2012

"Constable Gallichan 'Vs' Ian's Christmas Special & Zeitgeist"

Politician wants Lord's Prayer taught in schools


Crucifix on a bible  

Constable Gallichan said she was surprised to find children did not know the Lord's Prayer

Many Christians are surprised to find Two Gods in their KJV Bibles!!!

God makes a very brief appearance in  chapter 1 and the 1st three verses of chapter 2 in Genesis
God creates things and gives most of them to us, you can imagine the big smile on his face when he declares it "very good"! 
The other one; The "LORD" God is a different kettle of fish,
Destructive, Coveting, Angry, Sexist, Racist and Demanding
could they be two separate deities?
I prefer the one in Genesis 1:26-30


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A Jersey politician wants all children in the island to be taught the Lord's Prayer at school.
St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan said she was worried pupils spent so long studying world religions they did not learn enough about Christianity.
She said it was disappointing many children in the island could not recite the Lord's Prayer.
Dr Reginald Le Sueur, from the Humanist Society, said Christianity should not be taught as "an unalterable truth".
Constable Gallichan said: "I am sure if I went to live in Israel I would expect to learn more about the Jewish faith than I already know so I would be sure not to offend.

“Start Quote

This should not be taught as an unalterable truth, it is one belief system out of many”
Dr Reginald Le Sueur Jersey Humanist Society
"I think over here, as we are broadly a Christian society still, that would have some weight in their education."
Former Le Rocquier school head teacher, Richard Rolfe, said it was important children were taught the Lord's Prayer in school but not at the expense of other religious education.
The Very Reverend Bob Key, Jersey's Dean, said there was a strong Christian community in the island and children should know the traditional verse.
Dr Le Sueur said: "In order to educate people about world religions, including of course the most dominant one, they have to know the basic belief system.
"This should not be taught as an unalterable truth, it is one belief system out of many."

"From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own."

"Ian's Christmas Special at the link below"

"Zeitgeist Movie Below"

"Another Prize Jersey Specimen - And No Protection From The States? - He Must Be Poor!"

Sexual predator gets three years

Jason Yves Benest who has been jailed for three years
Jason Yves Benest who has been jailed for three years
A VIOLENT sexual predator who is suspected of cruising the streets ‘looking for a lone female’ before he sexually assaulted a vulnerable woman has been jailed for three years.

Jason Yves Benest, who initially maintained his innocence, changed his plea to guilty just three weeks before a trial was due to begin. He was sentenced by the Royal Court today.

"And So This Is Christmas - And What Have You Done?"

Jurats deciding if Judge defrauded islanders

Louisa Pilbeam has been following the Royal Court hearing at Jersey's Magistrates: Report from Thursday 19 July

Jurats have now retired to decide whether a Jersey Judge and three other men defrauded islanders out of a total of around £1.5 million.

The Royal Court has heard the prosecution allege that Magistrate Designate Ian Christmas intentionally misled islanders in order to get them to invest in his US property company.

Mr Christmas, 65, is charged with three fraud counts, while three other men - John Lewis, James Cameron and Russell Foot - face numerous charges. In total, the four men are accused of almost 30 fraud charges.

But Mr Christmas' defence argue the Judge did not intend to mislead investors and his company simply lost money as a result of the financial crisis and his financial failings.

Advocate Robert MacRae said the company also collapsed because of 'a risky business plan' - that's why investors lost in some cases up to £100,000 each, not because he intended to defraud them.

The prosecution has alleged that Mr Christmas swindled large sums of cash out of islanders to find a life of luxury, even though he earns an annual salary of £115,000.

But Advocate MacRae challenged the prosecution argument that: "A man of good character, which he had spent his life building, would sacrifice it on the altar of greed, as the prosecution allege."

Jurats Fisher and Nicolle will deliver their verdict next week (beginning 23rd July), with Royal Court Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers presiding over the case.

"Safe Jersey - 'The Big Society' - In Action"

Spate of burglaries

The police are investigating a spate of burlgaries
The police are investigating a spate of burlgaries
POLICE investigating a recent string of burglaries from houses in the country say the theft of almost £14,000 worth of jewellery from a St Clement house on Wednesday could be linked.

A family has been left devastated after burglars broke into their house on St Clement’s coast road between 8 am and 3.30 pm on Wednesday and stole a huge amount of jewellery, including ear rings, necklaces and watches.

The police said that the items are ‘of significant sentimental value’ to the owner and were valued at about £13,800.