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Monday, 18 June 2012

"Why The Lies About Plane Crash?"

 "Wheel collapsed after landing,

My Arse!"

Jersey plane crash: the passengers' story

Gary Burgess meets some of the passengers on board the plane which crash landed at Jersey Airport

Passengers on board a plane which crash landed at Jersey Airport have been telling of their terror.

They have been speaking out about the screams and panic on board and the scramble to escape the aircraft.

They also say they are frustrated that some people believe something went wrong as the plane taxied off the runway, insisting they knew there was a problem the moment the plane touched down.

A team of aircraft accident inspectors are in Jersey to take a close look at the plane, which became grounded on the runway.

The undercarriage of a Blue Islands ATR42 with 40 passengers and three crew aboard collapsed after touchdown just before 8.30am Saturday.

There were no injuries but some passengers were screaming as the plane came to an abrupt halt. It was almost eight hours before the airport could re-open.

The airport remained open until late Saturday night to clear the backlog of passengers, but some flights were cancelled.

The plane is being moved to a stand at the rear of the terminal for a close inspection by air accident investigators. It is not yet known if the plane will ever fly again.


  1. PMSL!!!

    This island just can't help but lie, it's first nature is to bullshit about anything, then cover up the lies with more lies afterwards....When will our coward arsed politicians address this culture of Bullshit???

    A Government and media of twisted freaks.

  2. Ian, why don't you concentrate on your own problems like say that poxy £1,382.25 bill from income tax?

  3. I am too busy dealing with my friends doctored trial tapes to bother with the tax office.

    I don't have a bill for £1,382.25?

    The tax office never issue Bills.

    The last two demands I have had, I have paid Via the lawful A4V method, they refused payment, so therefore there is "NO DEBT". If you had any brain you would know this.

    You obviously have access to tax info as this is not the first time you have stuck your shit-tipped nose into my affairs.

    Keep it up you dumb bastard :)

    1. Ian, the gimp is possibly referring to the Petty Debts list for 20/6/2012 at

      He's no Columbo, all he has done is look at something on t'internet.

      The bigger question is that, until this week, the petty debts list never showed the amount in the right hand column, for anyone.

      It might be a massive data protection balls up and a breach of your - and others' - privacy. Who knows.

    2. I thought they had to notify someone before they take them to court? Fucking unbelievable, they don't even tell you now!!!

    3. Just shows how bent this shithole is....

  4. Ian sorry not the right place to post but I don't know where else.
    JEP This Is Jersey headline as of 3pm this afternoon - "Dnager in town is an urban myth"
    Tuesday 19th June 2012, 3:00PM BST.

    Ffs who do they have proof reading this shit, I regularly comment on mis spelt headlines but they just correct the spelling and don't print my post. My dog's not busy during the afternoon if they need a nominal iq proof reader, he shits on the floor though, can't have it both ways.