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Sunday, 3 June 2012

"Union Finally Stands Up To The Corporate Scum"

Bus drivers to strike


Bus drivers are going on strike in Jersey. The action will affect 12,000 people.

The refusal to work begins on Thursday night (7 June) and will continue throughout the day on Friday.

People hoping to return home by bus on the Thursday night late services will have to travel before 11pm when the strike action kicks in.

No services at all will be operating on Friday.

Connex boss Eric Le Roux says they have tried to negotiate with the drivers' union Unite, but have not been able to prevent the strike. Conciliation talks have failed.

The issue is over pay. Mr Le Roux would not say how much the company had offered, but said drivers were seeking an "unrealistic" rise greater than the cost of living.

There is a risk that further strikes may be called if there is no quick resolution to the unrest. Next week is half-term, but the situation would become more critical if drivers walk out during term time, especially as there are GCSE and A-level examinations.

Islanders are being urged to share cars to get to work on Friday, or to cycle in or walk.

People with bus passes are being offered compensation and should contact the Connex information office.

Transport and Technical Services have offered the following advice to bus users.

Arrange/offer a car share with friend, colleague or neighbour;

Consider walking or cycling;

If you want to take a taxi book it in advance to avoid disappointment;

Consider working from home if you can;

Although it's school holidays, there may be more traffic on the roads so allow more time for your journey;

Pier Road multi-storey normally has spare capacity for another 250 cars and there may well be a little spare capacity in Patriotic Street and Green Street as it is half-term.

On average there are about 12,000 public bus users every day at this time of year.

TTS Minister, Deputy Kevin Lewis said: “Obviously this is a very difficult situation for our bus users and I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. I hope that people will be understanding and offer lifts to people they know are regular bus users. We are liaising with Tourism and the Harbour and Airport to ensure that travellers are informed.”

Common Law

Common Law protects us 'the people' from the corporate clowns, that is why unions are for the most part, a good thing when run properly.

When a large enough group of people say "NO" to corporate scum or government, both will always back down, nothing functions without the masses, we run everything. The sooner the common man stands up and realises this, the better.

Trying to wake the sheeple is another matter, that is why myself and Cyril got together. We saw in an instant what was going on, so we set about informing others, and we are getting new people on board every day.

Below are the comments from the "Filthy Rag" readers. Every one of them spouting off how grateful everyone should be to have a job, yet not one of the commenters actually understand what is really going on or how the people ever got into this position of utter slavery.

  1. 1
    No problem , why don’t they just train up some of the 1500 unemployed at the moment, some people need to realise they are lucky to be working!!! No one is ever indispensable ………

  2. 2
    I shall have to go elsewhere to be rudely spoken to… and find another means of being late for work.

  3. 3
    Nick Corbel and Unite have recenly landed from Pluto and have yet to realise how the rest of us are losing jobs and suffering.
    We should let them know what we think of them.

  4. 4
    shanks pony
    any they wonder why they didnt get the contract again !!!
    From what I have been told the states have paid connex rather a lot of money to run the service and now connex wont give the drivers a wage increase !!! so hello who is making the money round here ?

  5. 5
    Parktown Prawn
    You mean these greedy bus drivers think they should get MORE TAXPAYERS MONEY!!???
    Sack the lot and hire people who appreciate the fact they have a JOB!

  6. 6
    In this time of mass unemployment and with the guarantee of being employed by the new bus company, these morons are going on strike.
    I hope the new bosses realise what kind of militant staff they are taking on and sack the lot of them.
    I have no doubt there are plenty of willing able bodied, polite people who would jump at the chance to be bus drivers.

    Please see the link below to help you wake from your slumber 


  1. as a union member for the last 17 years ...i think it stinks that the politicians take their pay rise every year and still tell the working man they havnt got enough in the funds to pay them a payrise ......mick

  2. Mick, the people deserve to be treated like that, simply because they sit on their hands and do nothing!

    I was talking with a young woman last week who had been badly beaten by the police after "she rang them" for assistance! She is afraid to put a complaint in because of future bullying, and she does not believe that any complaint will result in anything other than her further abuse and intimidation.

    I am trying to turn her around but she has been indoctrinated all her life with the Jersey Way, the sheeple need to break free and find some courage!!!

    1. Correct Ian. The people are complacent here in the islands and bows down. Those drivers have a right, and if people are saying like the comment like Parktown Prawn above, he must realize its against human rights to sack these people for one and a person or persons have to right of protest. Its common law! Deal with it.

  3. we had the cops around this way a few weeks ago for a problem ...where they interested ...were they hell mate ....mick

  4. "Pier Road multi-storey normally has spare capacity for another 250 cars and there may well be a little spare capacity in Patriotic Street and Green Street as it is half-term."

    People use the local bus service because they do not have access to a car. Duh.

  5. Corbel is nothing more than a management puppet....

    And this will be proven in the months ahead?!

  6. why do people that are in the transport jobs think they are so hard done by ? bloody taxi drivers are the same , just bloody greed .buss drivers can earn 50 grand a year with overtime .
    and taxi drivers earn moor than the queen .eomf