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Friday, 8 June 2012


Benefits cut planned for newcomers to the Island

Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley
Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley

ABOUT 140 immigrants who have lived in Jersey for less than five years are to have their benefits cut under new plans announced by the Social Security Minister.

The move – which applies to people who live with partners who do pass the five-year test – is a direct response to concerns about spiralling immigration levels and will save £600,000 a year.

It is also part of a wider overhaul of the benefits system designed to encourage people to work and reduce their reliance on the state.

The plans, which have been lodged by Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley, will have to be approved by the States before they can come into force.

If adopted, they would mean that people who move to Jersey and live with a partner – who might be married, civil partners or simply living together – who has been in the Island for at least five years would no longer be able to claim benefits from the moment they arrive, as they can currently.


  1. I thought it was a load of bullshit that people could come here and simply claim benefits, just a moan by the usual moaners on this is jersey. I cant believe that I am proven wrong by finding out its true now they, our glorious leaders want to put a stop to it! It should never have been in place from the start, it only goes to prove the little regard they have for the locals and the non locals that have done their best to do the right thing and work for their keep.

  2. About bloody time too! The vast majority of Jersey folk have had enough of the imigrants who not only use very racist slurs with regard to Brits and Jersey folk, but also refuse to assimilate into our society whilst being quite happy to take the benefits for themselves and thier children that has been paid for by the Jersey tax payer! The sooner we close the door on this injustice the better!