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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"Operation Bohan"

Very interesting comment left on
Stuart Syvrets blog.

"Ask Mike Bowron about Operation Bohan?"


  1. Whilst we are at it maybe we should ask him about the Carroll Trust Foundation cover-up as well!!

    Any more skeletons Mr Bowron?

  2. have you read this, i just googled operation bohan and wonder if its as clear cut as the above interview

    Obviously there are always two side to every story, I just want you to see the other if you haven't already before making you decission on who is right and who is wrong

    1. Anon, there is only ever "ONE" side to a story, and that is the "TRUTH", there cannot be two truths about one story!

    2. Re Operation Bohan News Alliance UK
      The writer was not in court and did not hear any of the allegations nor the defence. The writer is right to express an opinion whether pro or against me, that is our right to freedom of speech. I have only ever blogged and tweeted about City of London Police and their corrupt relationship with global security giant Kroll. I have never blogged etc about anything else, if I had it would be on the web for all to see. City of London Police said under oath that they found a cache of crack cocaine throughout my home, but forgot to seize it...for the record they did seize my tomtom which they sent to the forensic lab just incase they found some intelligence that linked me to criminality which it didn't. This fact alone shows what this case was about. The new film by C4 Dispatches Chris Plumley How Power Corrupts will highlight major corruption with City of London Police, Kroll and Guy Carpenter reinsurance. It will be very damaging, the film is being edited abroad, again highlighting the sensitivity of the documentary.

  3. I can confirm from an email sent to me from Ian Puddick that Bowron was involved with Operation Bohan. This is what Mr. Puddick told me "Mike Bowron & Supt Jeff Davies + DCI Chandler authorised C/Terr Op Bohan against me in June 2009."

  4. Really, so giving me a heart attack, and damaging my computers, and wrecking my business by stealing my phone is....Well, all in a days work then!!!

    Nice one Mike

  5. Looks like Gameshow Mike is right at home in Jersey.

  6. This is a fascinating story, with Jersey and City of London parallel scandals galore. This is also one more reason why we worked to keep Net Neutrality, which should be a sacred human right.


  7. Over recent year's it has become more then apparent that UK police forces are in fact open for private hire. They are as mercanaries selling thier services to those with the money to pay.

    Recent revelations regarding the SoJP demonstrate most clearly that depending upon the morals of who is ever in charge of our Island Police force at the time, they too are for private hire!

    The question arising from this is, who are the real terrorists and ?