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Friday, 8 June 2012

"Nut-Job Jersey Has Finally Cracked"

Immigrants may have to pay to live here

Newcomers to Jersey could soon be required to pay immigrant charges

NEWCOMERS to Jersey could soon be required to pay immigrant charges to help meet the cost of the Island’s population controls.

The Chief Minister’s department is asking Islanders to say how much they think people moving to the Island should be charged. A consultation paper proposes a series of tariffs, which include one-off payments of £5,000 for super-wealthy immigrants and £75 for those moving to Jersey as unqualified workers when they first arrive.

Those who are already in the Island, but have been here for less than five years, could have to pay the £75.
It is also proposed that those currently known as J-category – essentially employed – Islanders in the private sector should pay £200 a year.

The charges are part of wider moves to crack down on immigration and preserve jobs and housing for locally qualified people.


  1. That is the strangest solution to Jerseys ongoing population and money problems I have ever heard and could never have imagined anyone coming up with this. I dont for a minute even assume that because I never thought of it that the person who did must be more intelligent and well done to them.

    It just seems to be the easiest thing to implement but of all the many options available the one most likely to be doomed to failure. I would be embarassed to produce this idea and even if I had come up with it myself would have kept it to myself, which is where it belongs.

    Of all the many dumb ideas that dont surprise me that our supposed leaders come up with, this one goes straight to the top of the pile.

    Is there something wrong with visas, criminal background checks, working permits etc that this is the best solution they can come up with. Or is it the only one that won't affect our leaders and their friends and colleagues being able to get hold of cheap labour unchalenged. Bloody idiots.

  2. WTF, this is going to cost more to administer than they will ever receive!! They have lost the plot, this will encourage a further influx of people coming into the island and they will stick two fingers up to us whilst waving their receipt in the air saying that they have paid for their right to iive here whilst squeezing out the locals to the point where we won't exist anymore. Right, I vote that local people wishing to leave the island have a right to sell their quals to the highest bidder. Any takers!!!

  3. I read this and really thought that must be 1st April!!

    Then I realised I was in Jersey.

    What an idiotic idea from a shambles of a 'Government'. Even a 2 year old could come up with a better idea.

  4. Yes, boss, I have been working on this all month. How can we satisfy the popular call to stop immigration or deal with it, when as we know, social services, social security, new immigrant processing, all these new jobs we invent to keep our embarrassingly highly paid wage packets for giving out crap ?

    What would we have to do, without all this people monitoring and people systems ?

    So here is the plan to keep our wages coming in, charge them £75 quid and the rich £5,000. I know the figures don't add but if we sell it right they will never notice.

    What do you thing Sir head of department your worship Sir, thats just got back from a jolly all expenses paid trip to China ?

    Brilliant - now come up with a plan to charge people for having flowers in their gardens. More paid work. God I love working for Government. If they do notice, who gives a shit, we can't be sacked and we must back the union to give the teachers, bloody part timers, and wingers an extra 5.7% if they get it we get it.

    Let the peasants live in the real world and leave us to live in ours, at their expense naturally.


  5. For utter stupidity, this idea takes the biscuit.