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Friday, 29 June 2012

"Malfeasance & Perjury - Standard Procedure In Jersey Courts"

"Bailhache Refuses Investigation into Perjury and Missing Sections of Trial Tapes"

Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache

Continuing from Monday the farce that is Cyrils' prosecution at the hands of Jerseys' money grabbing lawless judiciary. As readers are aware, Cyril was refused any kind of investigation into his complaints by the Deputy Bailiff, William Bailhache. Please see link below.

A little more background to this story.

Cyril wrote to the Magistrates Greffier Substitute (D Le Heuze) on the 13th June 2012 with the simple request that he be sent full disclosure of the evidence, this disclosure included a copy of the original trial recording. Please see letter below.

To date, Cyril has not received any response whatsoever from public servant D Le Heuze of the Magistrates Greffe. Indeed, Cyril should have been furnished with all this evidence well before his hearing at the Royal court last Monday.

Furthermore, Cyril filed with the Judicial Greffe of the Royal Court, the correct form for calling a witness to give evidence at his appeal, this witness was Pc 252 Mark O'Neill.

As per "The Jersey Way" there was no sign of this witness at the appeal, so where was he when he should have been in court giving good honest wholesome evidence?

According to the Crown Prosecutor, this witness was out shooting on a firearms course instead of testifying in court, this pathetic excuse was accepted by the Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache without question!!! Please see letter below.

After Bailhaches utter contempt for justice and the rule of law claiming that perjury by policemen, and missing segments of trial tapes were not worthy of any kind of investigation by the court, Cyril had his case adjourned until the 26th July 2012.

Cyril, having no fear of Bailhache or his kind, took it upon himself to do Bailhaches job for him. Cyril therefore filed a formal complaint with the States of Jersey Police of two counts of perverting the course of justice and perjury against the two officers involved. Please see letter below.


In short, Bridget Shaw (at trial) refused to confirm that she was acting in her capacity as a Magistrate.

The prosecution refused to reveal in which jurisdiction they were bringing the charges.

We are not permitted to record our own trial ourselves, rather we must rely solely on the transcripts provided by the Oligarchy.

It appears that us mere mortals have no legal right of access to our own trial tapes.


The Crown deem it more than reasonable that a defendant is given one week max to prepare an appeal, yet the Crown can happily take six weeks to prepare their case.

Apparently in Jersey, calling a witness for your appeal is totally at the discretion of the prosecution.

The second highest judge in the land rules it completely unnecessary to order any investigation into extremely serious criminal activity within the establishment.

This is what passes for justice in Jersey!

These crooks commit their crimes against anyone who dare question their ways or authority. Stuart Syvret, Graham Power, Lenny Harper, and Simon Bellwood are but the tip of the iceberg, the abuse survivors making up the base.



  1. will the police do anything? If they do they must go against bailhache et al

  2. Why not see if you can get the Guardian interested.:)

  3. Abuse Survivors first, myself and Cyril can wait :)

  4. Good luck with both. Try as you might you wont get passed Baillache, he is too high and mighty. Good luck.

  5. Thank you for the challenge anon, we shall rise to it....

  6. So admire you wonderful people who care, who keep trying having been through so much. Respect.

    1. That is very kind of you anon, that will lift the Jersey bloggers spirits 'even more' :)

  7. Oh dear perjury in court is acceptable to Mr. Bailhache.

    Similarly, the hog wash about not being able to discuss Mr. Lewis's early statement in the in camera debate, favourably alters the discussion to become about Mr. Power rather than the issue raised by Deputy Higgins , Where is the answer to the obvious question. Is it acceptable for ministers to lie to States members in these in camera debates to States members?

    It seems acceptable in court and in the States. If you are the decision maker.

  8. Ther comes a time in all dictatorships when they 'overplay 'their hand...I believe this time is now..the likes of yourselves Higgins et al need to petition the Law Lords and the Crown to seek justice..for all of us as we are being marginalised and State Bullied.....this must not be allowed to continue...with power comes responsibility.....that responsibility must be accounted for and adhered to....a petition with thousands of islanders and national press coverage would I believe blow the lid off this sick Cabal.

    1. I don't think we have more than 30 islanders with the balls to sign anon :(