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Thursday, 28 June 2012

"Lies - Lies - And More Damn Lies"

OZOUF: Unblocking Planning Critical

 Jersey's Treasury Minister insists he understands the importance of making the planning process work.

Senator Philip Ozouf, a former Planning Minister was the guest speaker at the monthly Chamber of Commerce lunch on Wednesday (27th).

He was responding to questions from guests who were concerned about the time it takes to pass a planning application.

Some said companies had to close due to how slow the process was, as it meant there was not enough work for them.

Senator Ozouf was at the lunch to discuss the Treasury's tax and spending plans.

He said, whilst he 'wasn't a magician', that Jersey has managed its finances well but he admitted there are big challenges ahead including the Health Department, which he said was 'desperately in need of investment'.

He added that two thirds of tax-payers money was spent on Social Security, Health and Education, Sport and Culture.

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  1. Let's get it right...the island has suffered millions in losses and turbulence all due to this spiteful,neurotic little is time for him to go before he does any more damage, he is gambling on securing brownie points by turning on the civil service...quite a gamble,....and one I think will blow up in his face....can't wait....we need a far higher calibre of politician representing us ...people of moral fibre and with their ear to the ground and in touch with ordinary citizens...not frantically tapping away on a bloody blackberry all day in a person less world...a pixolated pixie.