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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"Kids Sick Of Being Ripped Off By Taxi Drivers"

Police warning after illegal taxi service discovered on Facebook

Police warning after illegal taxi service discovered on Facebook

POLICE are warning Islanders not to accept lifts from strangers after it emerged that hundreds of Jersey youngsters had set up an illegal taxi service on a social networking website.

A group on Facebook currently has more than 1,000 members and encourages people to offer lifts and helps those looking for transport get in touch with drivers.

Many of the youngsters say they use the group because of the high price of taxis in Jersey and the lack of late-night buses.

However, charging people for such services when not licensed to do so is illegal and States police are now monitoring the website.


  1. ive known people that have been doing this for years for friends true about taxis being to dam exspensive here in jersey ...but of people are just getting into strangers cars then it should be stamped out ....mick

  2. Just as dangerous getting a lift off a real JERSEY TAXI DRIVER!!!

  3. yer ian and old boshit probably will ring the cops and tell them where they drop you after tanning your hide for £20.00.
    i am all for cheaper ways to get home at night.
    taxis are robbing us blind and buses don't operate late enough .
    i think it safe for us to use the service if with friends ,only last night cops said jersey really safe .
    i got a guy that will pick me up with my dog .eomf

  4. The whole idea of the facebook page is meant as a good thing to save people some money. Taxi fares over here are outrageous.

    There is one simple yet major flaw. What if someone joins facebook with a fake name or a similar name to one that is on their site page and has criminal intentions. What if the person wanting a lift obtained one by a person who was pertaining to be someone else and didnt notice a slight mispelling of the name because they were intoxicated at the time. Opurtunities abound for the criminal minded person to make use of that site.

    I doubt I am the only person in Jersey that has thought the above possibilities through, Mick above has commented, yet it is remarkable that it is the money factor that is raised as being illegal. Wouldn't want to admit their is a possibility of more serious crime would we when our latest JEP headlines are how Jersey is such a crime free place.

  5. The police are monitoring the website.

    Perhaps they should also monitor their own 'Blue Light Cabs' taxi service for their family and friends.