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Sunday, 24 June 2012

"Beginning Of The End For Jersey Corruption"

"Cyril Getting Pumped Up 4 Justice"

Cyril is up for appeal in the Royal Court tomorrow at 2.15pm,
this is because of the utter criminality by the Oligarchy at his trial.

Anyone who can attend, your presence would be appreciated.

We will be exposing a whole host of corruption and unlawful shenanigans
with regard to this £30 parking ticket farce.

We know this is not about the ticket,
this is about exposing the festering ulcer that is 
"The Jersey Way"

It promises to be a hoot!
But not for the Jersey Authorities!!!


  1. Is Darius in court at the same time?

    1. He is in on the morning session I think.

  2. How did everybody get on????

  3. It was an incredible day :)

    Will have a post up in about an hour.