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Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Incompetent Maverick? Or Just Doesn't Care?"

Jersey man is left off sex offenders register

Along with the other 180 perverts!!! 


Senator Ian Le Marquand said he was investigating why a man was left off the sex offenders register

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Jersey's Home Affairs Minister said it was "puzzling" the Housing Department was not told about a sex offender.
The man was put into States housing in St Clement.
But he was moved when notices appeared warning residents about his conviction for sex offences involving young girls.
Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian le Marquand, said he was investigating why the man was not on the sex offenders register, which would have informed Housing of his conviction.
He said he was writing to the judges responsible.
He said: "What is puzzling in this particular case is... there was a conviction and a sentence and yet housing were still unaware of the situation, that is puzzling."
'Independent lifestyle' Jersey's Housing Minister, Deputy Andrew Green, said: "The Housing Department, strives to ensure that all applicants who apply for social housing are treated with fairness and equality as well as acknowledging the diversity of applicants.
"Those who are considered to be vulnerable or who require additional support to live an independent lifestyle are referred by an agency, either statutory or voluntary, to the Supported Housing Group."
A group that manages offenders said there must be a balance between protecting islanders and helping offenders rebuild their lives.
The Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements was set up 18 months ago to look at sex offenders' needs and ensure the safety of the public was not compromised.
Chairman Mike Cutland said: "I think there will always be people who will be very resistant to living in a community where there are sex offenders.
"The reality of course is that sex offenders will come out of prison, and sometimes they are not sent to prison."
There is a public meeting later to debate how community safety can be assured while maintaining the rights of sex offenders to safe housing when they leave prison.
The Social Security and Tenants Action Group, who organised the meeting, said they had invited Home Affairs and the Housing department to the meeting to explain their policies.
It is at 15:00 BST at the Eastern Good Companions Club in St Clement.


  1. In a world that is blind to the suffering of children I wish to see capital punishment for the most henious crime on earth which the law treats so lightly. The eliete systematic abusers have been protected by there merchant helpers for to long. I spoke out in the 60 70 80 publicly, silenced by others.

  2. This meeting will be an exercise in futility. The "balance" they speak of requires an understanding of the lifelong nature of paedophilia. It is chronic and can't be managed with trust in rehabilitation. The body of scientific evidence is available to show Jersey why a lifelong rigorous treatment setting away from children in a group home is the only housing method that prevents reoffending. Lifetime follow up is absolutely required, which is not usually the case with other types of ex-prisoners. The statement in the article about how safety can be assured is an extremely ignorant one. I am sure plenty of people in Jersey will talk about the child abusers rights, but that is pretty much a broad sentiment limited to Jersey for some reason. Learn and be aware.

  3. Wasn't the abuser a minor also at the time? I am sure I read that somewhere. If that is the case and the law about crimes being committed whilst a minor is that they are deleted, or at least they used to be then is that not possibly the reason it was not flagged?

    If that is still the case then it is not surprising it wasn't noticed when the offender got located where he did. If I am right, and I don't know for sure and certainly don't pretend to know then how would the people who located him there know?
    In my opinion there are crimes that should be taken off the record when you reach adulthood and crimes that should remain on record, this being one of them but then another half of me says if he was a minor himself and would abhor what he did as a minor against other minors then can it be fair to leave that in his record when other offences would be removed.

    Its a tough one, and bear in mind I have presumed that the ofender was a minor at the time because that is what I read. Who is to say that he didnt realise it was wrong at the time but now as an adult he knows it was disgraceful. It could be he was brought up to have no moral consciense, bad parenting not teaching right from wrong etc.

    I certainly do not condone his actions but there is this niggling thing in my mind that if he was a minor at the time then he should be given a chance. Then again maybe one chance is enough when it comes to child abuse regardless of age.

    I supose I can sum this up by saying I would be more concerned with the adult offenders being put into a position where they may re offend rather than a person who offended when they too were a minor and have apparently been proven since to not be of major concern. However, to ensure he cannot be of a concern then yes, he should not have been allocated a home in an area where the temptation may arrise. But then again, where would that location be. So many questions.

    As I said all the above is only an opinion based upon the offender being a minor at the time of the offence. If I got that wrong then my comment would be completely opposite to what I have put. I have realy tried not to cause offense so please understand I dont mean to.

  4. at 15 you know what you are doing

  5. martin
    dose that mean girls too ?

  6. yes it dose at 15 you should know right from wrong