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Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Hijacked Commission To Plan It's First Crime Against The People"

Electoral Commission to meet for first time

A process which should end in a major overhaul of government in Jersey begins today.

The Town Hall is the venue for first public meeting of the newly formed Electoral Commission. The meeting starts at 10 am.

The Commission has been set up to make recommendations on the future composition of the States Assembly. Islanders are being encouraged to ive their thoughts on how improvements could be made.

All aspects of the present system are going under the microscope including the number of States members; the classes of States member; their constituencies and mandates; and their terms of office.

Commission Chairman, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, is pleased with the response so far. There have been more than 120 submissions. They can be read at .

Anyone who wishes to give evidence at future public hearings should e-mail the Commission at:; or write to: Electoral Commission, Morier House, Halkett Place, St. Helier, JE1 1DD.


  1. Really worth reading the bullshit the establishment arse licks are churning out. Scum like me haven't a hope in hell of influencing the commmission.

    1. Jeeeeez, there's some shocking shyte on there!

    2. Click right HERE to see what anon means....

  2. You are not the scum, and we knew we had no chance from the kick-off as Gorst was always going to do exactly as he was instructed.

    Look on the bright side, at least you get to fight them :)

  3. Yeah right 10-00 a.m. on a thursday morning..we've ALL got time to get to that haven't we....same as having voting on a freezing cold evening till 8-00 after work when folks will be settling and feeding their over 30 civilized is over the you can actually get there .....ah but then the people could have a say......yes mean that's what democracy is for...?....yes.....oh....I've been in Jersey.thses people are manipulating elitist scum..we need Revolution...not controlled meaningless reform that massages even more power into the hands of the very people we need protecting from.