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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Has Father Christmas Upset His Masters? Or Is This a P.R Stunt?"

I acted in good faith, says judge accused of fraud

Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas (centre)
Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas (centre) 
A JUDGE accused of involvement in a £1.5 million fraud told police that he got involved in a property investment project in ‘good faith’ and relied on the expertise of his business partners, a court heard yesterday.

Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas also told investigators that he was sorry that anyone had lost money through his business venture, that he had never intended to defraud anyone and that he had not done so.

Details emerged in the Royal Court of how Mr Christmas took a back seat with De Lec Ltd – the property company he set up with business partners John Lewis and Eric Evans.

While voluntarily talking to police in 2010 Mr Christmas said he had lost £65,000 through investing in his company and said that because he lacked business experience, his role as a director of De Lec was always going to be limited.

In the same interview he blamed the collapse of their venture on the property market crisis in America.

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  1. Santa wants to take a back seat in the sleigh,does he?
    as a lawyer he must know the duties and responsibilities of a director, ignorence is no excuse mr. Chrimbo, and you know it!!!