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Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Fruitcake Is Powerless On Port - Passes"

Ministers will not oppose printing of passports in UK

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand
Fruitcake Ian Le Marquand

JERSEY will lose the right to print its own passports after ministers conceded they could not fight the UK over the issue.

Although they are still waiting for formal confirmation from the UK that Jersey’s right to print its own passports in the Island is to end, Home Affairs Minister Ian le Marquand says that there is no prospect of persuading them to let his department continue to print passports here.

And he says that as Jersey-issued passports are actually UK documents owned by the UK government, there is no way that the Island could realistically fight over the issue.

It is not yet clear when the change will take effect, or whether prices and the length of time that it takes to get a passport will increase.

Senator Le Marquand said that passport applications would continue to be processed here and that Jersey would still have the right to issue emergency travel documents.

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