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Friday, 8 June 2012

"Do Teachers Deserve Pay Rise After Recent Disgraceful Exam Results?"

Teachers to discuss industrial action

Head of the Jersey Teachers Association Anne Southern
Head of the Jersey Teachers Association Anne Southern

TEACHERS’ are angry about yet another ‘derisory’ pay offer and will discuss within weeks whether they will take industrial action, union officials said.

A mass meeting was due to be held on Monday to discuss the pay freeze proposed by the States Employment Board, but it has now been put off for a few weeks.

Head of the Jersey Teachers’ Association – the local NUT branch – Anne Southern said that national officials were due to meet the Chief Minister.

She explained that they had hoped to hear what Senator Ian Gorst had to say before holding the meeting, but he had cancelled and so they had deferred the mass meeting.

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  1. I dont know how much teachers earn so cant comment on that but I have just had the missfortune of having to teach people at my work over the last few weeks. It involved planning the lessons, making sure everyone did their homework (ok that was meant to be done in hours set asside at work) and then worst part checking all the answers to questions set which has so far taken 5 times longer than I expected and I am only half way through checking answers.

    In respect of homework (or workwork!) only half bothered to do what they needed to do to keep up to speed with the rest. So thats been a pain.

    My point is, I thought teaching was fairly easy, but its a lot harder than I ever thought. So, if they are not getting a decent wage they should receive an increase. If some students dont do their work it slows down the rest of the class so it must be hard to get the exam results that, I am sure, the teachers strive for when some of the class students slow everything down for the rest. I will also add I have noticed it is allways the same ones that dont bother to keep up.

    All I am trying to say is that I have learnt from experience that it is not quite black and white when it comes to results and pay. Oh, and its also the last time I hold my hand up to do the teacher role!!!!