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Friday, 15 June 2012

"Deja Vu For Trial Tapes?"

"A Question Goes Walkies From
Official Court Recording!!!"

As some of our readers are aware, Cyril recently had what was alleged to have been 'a fair trial' in sunny Jersey.

During this administrative process (alleged trial) Cyril proceeded to annihilated the prosecutions case with gusto. This was possible because of the amount of time and planning that went into building the defence case, using their own laws against them. We will of course be visiting this case in great detail at a later date.

What this particular posting is about is how a very well considered and pertinent question with regard to Cyril's defence case, managed to completely erase itself from the Magistrates Greffes version of the recording of Cyril's trial!!!

On Wednesday afternoon, myself and Cyril sloped on down to the Magistrates Greffe to listen to Cyril's trial tapes of the 27th April 2012, as we had alleged that a number of extracts did not appear in the transcripts that Cyril was sent for his appeal.

What we listened to can only be explained in one of two ways, either the recording equipment in the court was faulty or someone had tampered with the recording. At trial, Cyril had asked Bridget Shaw a short series of questions that we had compiled and printed out a few days before trial. There will undoubtedly be the date of creation on Cyril's computer bios.

Cyril asked Shaw the following
"Am I presumed innocent of these alleged crimes?"
Shaw naturally answered this innocuous question with a "Yes" (this not appearing in the transcripts or on the recording)
Cyril then asked the pertinent question "Am I presumed innocent of all the elements of these alleged crimes?" The whole of this question, and Shaws entire reply to it, is missing from the recording and the transcripts!
There are four witnesses who are prepared to swear an affidavit upon pain of perjury that this question was asked in Court.

This question was so so important because all charges brought before a court require at least three essential elements.
These are the following:
1. Jurisdiction
2. Standing
3. A valid cause of action

So, if we are presumed innocent of the alleged crime then we must also be presumed innocent of all the elements of the alleged crime. This means the prosecution must prove all of the elements to the crime, and in a magistrates court, for statutory offences this is not possible for the prosecution to prove.

Anyone still wondering why this section is missing :)

Obviously this is an extremely serious matter, and one which will be addressed at Cyril's appeal. We will be demanding and independent investigation into this alleged criminality, and without any interference from Jersey.

As many of you will recall, this is not the first time that the Jersey authorities have been accused of doctoring trial tapes! See link directly below

Below is the itinerary we wrote and printed out for Cyril, and of course, after that the accompanying transcripts provided by the Magistrates Greffe which are underlined.



  1. Is there any other country that has a Magistrates court being a creature of Statute?

    Is that bound by the creatures that authorise themselves to deem it, or for those creatures that attend?

  2. Us creatures that attend of course :)

    But this little episode means that none of our group will be attending court again unless we have free range to record every word that is uttered....

  3. How will they cover this one up I wonder?

  4. I also received my bundle today and the AG will not be resisting my appeal.

  5. ROFPMSL!!!


  6. I'd also like to point out that the 1864 'law' Bridget refers to is written in French, there is no official (or unofficial that I know of) English translation

    so thats fair then!


    1. All is fair in love, and war, you plum....You forgotten the Jersey way???

  7. Does this mean i've been lied to, but they said we shouldn't lie at school or cheat i'm confused. Looks like the actions of compormised group ;)


  8. Congrats on the OBE Mick

  9. Is Bridget Shaw saying that in Jersey we have are not born with inalienable rights she through her court can remove them?

  10. Banana Republic...... no wonder the Jersey logo is a flying banana