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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

"Damian Rzeszowski"

Rzeszowski to appear via video link in court


A Polish man accused of killing six people in Jersey last year, including his wife and two children, has appeared via a video link in court in Jersey.

Damien Rzeszowski denies murder, but has admitted the lesser charge of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

He is accused of stabbing six people to death last year.

Today's 'directions hearing' is to sort out the procedure ahead of the real trial which starts in August.

That will be heard by jurats, not a jury.

The victims were Rzeszowski's wife Izabela, their children Kinga, five and Kacper, two, Izabela's father, Marek Gartska, her friend Marta de la Haye and her daughter Julia, who was five.

They died at Damian and Izabela's home in Victoria Crescent, St Helier, in August last year.


  1. Hi Ian.

    I KNOW that this is NOT the post to put this but I have been trying to email you for a while and keep getting bounced.

    Hi Ian

    I hope your recovery is going well and your feeling better.

    I am an AVID reader of your work and follow it with great interest.
    Its great to follow someone with the balls to stand up for what they believe in, especially in this day and age of the sheepish, blinkered & (Jersey) indoctrinated.

    Please view the following.

    Im not sure if youve heard of him before..........but WE ARE NOT ALONE!

    All the best m8

    Take it easy


  2. My old email addy is finished since february, got hacked mate....

  3. Only a year to get him into court, why is the car crash driver taking so long?

  4. Hope that's ok India?

    What a fabulous name :)

    Was that your work number, or private number you rang me on?

    And just out sheer contempt for the Jersey Court System, (not yourself) I don't give a crap if anything was classed as contempt of court!!! It doesn't apply to men and women, only to corporations so i have NO worries :)

    If you want a real scoop, be in the Royal Court next week for Cyril's appeal in front of the mainland Q.C's....That is going to tear this excuse for a justice system apart :)

  5. P.S. I kept a copy or two of the video....just in case :)