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Friday, 22 June 2012

"Condor Too Stupid To Check Weather Report"

Cars damaged on Condor ferry to Jersey in high winds

Cars on a fast ferry to Jersey were damaged in high winds and waves as the Condor Express sailed from the UK.
Condor Ferries say no one was hurt during the crossing from Poole to Jersey via Guernsey.
There were winds of about 65 knots off the coast of Alderney at about 17:00 BST on Thursday.
On arrival in Guernsey the Jersey passengers were transferred to the traditional boat the Commodore Clipper which arrived in Jersey later.
The extent of the damage to the cars is not yet known.
Charlotte Milner who was on board the boat said: "15 foot waves, screaming children, roof falling apart, hands down worst journey of my life."

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